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Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year: 2017 winners in pictures

Want to know who won at the 2017 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards? Of course you do! Scroll down to see a selection of the winners

The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards, which launched in 2011, offers photographers (both amateur and professional) the chance to enter their foodie snaps into a competition judged by a team of experts, including food critic Jay Rayner. 


This year the awards reception took place on April 25 at the Mall Galleries in London, where more than £10,000 in prize money was awarded over the course of the evening. Picked from over 8,400 entries, here’s a selection of the winning images…

Overall winner: Shoeb Faruquee (Bangladesh)

'Food for God'
‘Food for God’

Cream of the Crop: Wesley Dombrecht (Belgium)

'Smoked mackerel'
‘Smoked mackerel’

Politics of Food: Tom Parker (UK)

'Hunters and Kill'
‘Hunters and Kill’

Food in the Field: Sally Ann Stone (UK)

Swiss Chard Forest
‘Swiss Chard Forest’

Startisans Food in the Street: Robin Stewart (UK)

Crouch End
‘Crouch End’

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year (Produce): Robert Holmes (USA)

'Crush at Cristom Vineyard'
‘Crush at Cristom Vineyard’

Food Bloggers (supported by Aspire): Hein van Tonder (South Africa)


The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action: Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani (Italy)

'The Grandmother'
‘The Grandmother’

11-14 Years: Lily-Mae Franklin (UK)

'Flowering Tea'
‘Flowering Tea’

10 and Under: Carla Smend (UK)

'Fruit of the Bloom'
‘Fruit of the Bloom’

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year (People): Mick Rock (UK)

Cleaning Port Barrel
‘Cleaning Port Barrel’

Partridges Food for Sale: Azalea Dalton (UK)

Villefranche Market
‘Villefranche Market’

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture: Darren Eastwood-Hickson (UK)

Salad Plate
‘Salad Plate’


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