My favourite wine is...

Ramey, USA, Chardonay.


In my fridge there’s always...

Cheese, wine and grapes… the essentials!

My favourite 15-minute supper to make at home is...

Grilled steak.

My guilty pleasure food is...

Salt and vinegar crisps.

If you gave me a tenner I’d spend it on...

Anais, my daughter.

A restaurant trend I see being the next big thing is...

I have no clue. I don’t tend to keep up with trends so I am definitely unable to predict them. I’m the wrong person to ask.

On a Sunday I like to...

Spend time with Anais, David and the dog. This Sunday (in March 2017, after opening Mere restaurant) we all enjoyed a nice lie in.

Mere restaurant, dining room
The dining room at Mere restaurant, Fitzrovia

My favourite country to visit for foodie inspiration is...

This is a really tough one. I get inspired by the food everywhere, Morroco, Fance, Spain. There really are too many to name.

What are the three most useful ingredients and why?

Salt, oil and eggs. They are probably the most versatile ingredients you can get, you can make sweet or savoury with them. I couldn’t imagine not having those three things in my kitchen.


Image credits: Cristian Barnett

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