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Anjum Anand

Anjum Anand: chef interview

Published: April 6, 2017 at 1:37 pm

Read our exclusive interview with chef Anjum Anand, author of new cookbook I Love India. Discover her favourite tipple, quick dinner recipes and the three ingredients she couldn't live without

My favourite wine is…

A good full-bodied red. I often ask the sommelier to recommend something, and if I spot an Amarone and have someone willing to share it with me, I’m delighted!


In my fridge there’s always…

Milk (rice, soya and whole); cheese (feta, sliced gouda) and cream cheese; bread (wholemeal and rye); eggs; vegetables; plain and Greek yogurt; saffron strands (best place to store it); and a bottle of champagne that’s ready for some celebratory spontaneity!

My favourite 15-minute supper to make at home is…

A hot toasted sandwich. My favourite one would be chicken tikka with some fresh mint and coriander chutney, red onions and tomatoes in good quality sour dough bread. But most often I make a similar one but with cheese instead of the chicken, and a tangy coriander chutney with a little bit of light mayo. It's a proper cheese and chutney sandwich.

My guilty pleasure food is…

Chocolate, in most forms!

If you gave me a tenner I’d…

Probably save half and spend the rest on a new health food I’ve been wanting to try. One of my local cafes is Good Life Eatery and it has started serving these spirulina balls with dried fruits and nuts, which are really tasty.

Anjum Anand

A restaurant trend I see being the next big thing is…

More vegan, vegetarian and healthy food places, particularly establishments which serve a specific cuisine such as vegetarian Indian restaurants, or vegan Korean menus.

On a Sunday I like to…

Go to the gym or enjoy a long walk in the park, read the weekend papers, hang out with my kids and meet some friends for a relaxed lunch if possible. Nothing too hectic and taxing!

My favourite country to visit for foodie inspiration is…

India – it constantly inspires me. For me, the food is the tastiest and healthiest around, and there truly is something for everyone. The dishes have so much heritage, there is a never-ending amount to learn about the different regions, food and cultures.

What are the three most useful ingredients and why?

  1. Eggs – as they are crucial in so many recipes and make the quickest, tastiest meal.
  2. Onions – they add so much flavour to a dish and are used extensively in Indian food, all the way from raw red onion on some street food, to crispy and caramelised on a biryani, and everything in between.
  3. Lentils – they can be made into a curry, stir fried with spices, stir-fried whole with vegetables, made into savoury spongy cakes, spicy batters and sweet pastes and desserts. They are also so nutritious!


You can buy Anjum Anand's I Love India book here

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