How to cure meat properly

Homemade is all the rage, and that includes everything from making your own sourdough, to pickles and curing meat. Follow our helpful tips below to learn how to do it properly.

Sometimes it’s useful to know WHY you are doing something so you aren’t tempted to cut corners. Instructions don’t always give you this. Cookery writer Anna has done a curing course, so while testing a kit filled in the reasons for each step. Research is always helpful. £5.96. lakeland.co.uk


Remove the skin, but not all of the fat

Why? By removing the skin the preserving salt penetrates the meat and draws out water, but a layer of fat gives it flavour and ensures the meat doesn’t dry out fully.

Rub the salt mix into every crevice

Why? If some of the folds aren’t covered, it won’t cure evenly.

Turn the meat over every day

Why? Due to the liquid that’s drawn out, you need to turn the meat to make sure it’s not sitting half in water and half out.

Remove from the marinade and leave uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours


Why? This will dry out the meat, you’ll get a firmer texture and it will be easier to cut the bacon when it’s done.