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Best podcasts for foodies

Published: September 1, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Seven of the best foodie podcasts around, including our very own olive magazine podcast; BBC Radio Four's The Food Programme; A Taste of The Past; and Gastropod

Many of us turn to the internet for all things food; however, we've recently discovered a whole host of foodie podcasts available on podcasting app, Acast. With so many to explore, Adam Martin, Director of Content at Acast, has put together a list of some of his favourite podcasts for food lovers...


1. The olive magazine podcast

Guess what? Your favourite food magazine has only gone and launched a podcast! Presented by olive editor Laura Rowe, alongside writers from the magazine and industry experts, the olive podcast focuses on our three key strands: Cook, Eat and Explore.
Every week our free podcast will discuss the latest food trends and news, with topics ranging from the origins of a recipe to the latest restaurant openings, or exploring a region’s cuisine and food culture. Either way, the team gets straight into the nitty gritty of food and drink. To listen, visit our podcast page or via Acast subscribe for free at iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

2. BBC Radio Four Food Programme

The BBC’s Food Programme, hosted by esteemed food journalist Sheila Dillon, investigates every aspect of the food we eat. Each episode focuses on a particular food issue and in The Joy of Eggs’ Sheila speaks to a variety of chefs, restaurateurs and egg lovers to talk about their growing popularity. Notably, in this episode, Sheila talks to Head Chef at Bad Egg restaurant, Daniel Merry, to discuss the importance of a rich yolk.

3. A Taste of The Past

We sometimes take the food we’re eating for granted and don’t give too much thought as to where it comes from. This series, hosted by Linda Pelaccio, takes you on a journey through the history of food, discussing a different era or cuisine each week. Exploring the link between current food cultures and where they originated, she speaks to all kinds of authorities on food – from authors and scholars to culinary chroniclers.

4. The Menu

A guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining. This podcast series features interviews with the world’s most creative chefs and introduces you to a range of exciting and interesting ingredients that will soon be gracing your plate. Listen to The Perfect Loaf to hear Eric Kayser, one of the most renowned bakers in the world, discuss the moment he knew he wanted to be a baker (he was three!), and how he swears by a fusion of old recipes and new technologies when it comes to successful baking. Brought to you by Markus Hippi, The Menu is a must for any foodie.

5. The Splendid Table

The Splendid table is American Public Media’s culinary, culture and lifestyle programme that celebrates food and its ability to feed the souls of everyone. Based on Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s book of the same name, not wanting to simply discuss recipes, Lynne explores everything that people love about food in her foodie-friendly series.

6. Gastropod

Looking at the science of food, this podcast explores the hidden history and sometimes surprising science behind different foods. Also, there are interviews with various experts between each monthly episode, so you can stay abreast with the latest trends.

7. Cooking Issues

Every Tuesday, Dave Arnold, chef and inventor, answers listeners’ questions on the latest innovative techniques and ingredients in the world of food. An award-winning food writer, Dave has the answer no matter how weird or wonderful the question. With occasional guest appearances from chefs, columnists, bartenders and authors, all your cooking issues can be dealt with here.


Adam Martin is the Director of Content at Acast, the free-to-use podcasting platform downloadable from the App store and Google play.

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