Best ever lobster recipes

Our best lobster recipes bring the seaside to you with exquisite pasta dishes and appetisers perfect for impressing guests at dinner parties

Looking for easy lobster recipes? Here are our ideas for cooking lobster, including lobster tail recipes, trendy lobster rolls and a lobster salad for an impressive dinner party dish.


Four-cheese lobster toastie

Take your festive toastie up a notch with chunky chopped lobster in a silky, oozy four-cheese sauce.

Lobster mac ‘n’ cheese

Check out our easy yet impressive mac ‘n’ cheese recipe with lobster. Everyone loves mac ’n’ cheese, but the addition of sweet, rich lobster turns this into a luxurious treat. This would make a brilliant Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve celebration dinner.

Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe

Baked lobster fideo pasta

Check out this baked lobster fideo from David Gingell of Western’s Laundry, one of London’s hottest new restaurants. This recipe not only looks impressive, it’s packed with flavour too. It may take a little bit of effort but it’s definitely worth it.

Baked Lobster Fideo Pasta

Lobster salad with salsify and orange

This lobster dish is dressed with a vermouth, shallot, star anise and clove reduction. The finished result is served with orange segments and salsify. Tricky but worth it. 

Christmas lobster salad with salsify and orange

Prawn and lobster cocktail

John Torode uses a mixture of big meaty prawns and smaller sweet ones for texture and flavour, with added lobster for a special festive starter. The sauce is rich and refreshing with a spicy kick. You can make the sauce in advance then assemble everything just before serving.

Lobster tail pasta

Lobster tails are a good-value way to buy lobster, though if you have access to whole lobster add the claw meat to the recipe as well. Ready cooked, this luxurious meal can be on the table in less than 20 minutes, making it a brilliant Friday night dinner. What better way to start the weekend? We have plenty more posh pasta recipes here.

Classic lobster roll

We’ve got the Americans to thank for lobster rolls. Our favourite rolls are at Fraq’s Loster Shack and Hawksmoor, but now that Ocado sells frozen lobster tails they’re very easy to make yourself at home. Other supermarkets sell smaller, Canadian lobsters, which you can also use in this recipe.

Thai green curry with lobster and herbs

If you want to try cooking lobster, this Thai green curry is a great place to start. Divide the lobster into the claws and tail meat as they have different cooking times. Prawns would also work here. Make sure you have lots of fresh herbs to give that true Thai flavour.

Lobster Curry Recipe

Mini lobster rolls

These mini lobster rolls are easy to make but look impressive -–perfect for hassle-free entertaining. Try our other canapes ideas here.


Lobster goujons with courgette fries

Lobster and chips, anyone? Put a sophisticated modern twist on the classic British fish and chips with this recipe for lobster goujons with courgette fries