Orecchiette Pasta Recipe with Prawns

Best posh pasta recipes

Whether you’re cooking for a dinner party or a special lunch, you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated plate of pasta – get stuck into everything from crab pappardelle to beef shin macaroni

Looking for a pasta dinner recipe to serve at a dinner party? Our impressive pasta recipes are easy to make but are ideal for Italian themed dinner party, a special lunch or even a date. Try our delicious posh pasta dinner recipes to really impress without too much hassle.


Homemade butternut ravioli with brown butter and sage

Learn how to make the silkiest, smoothest dough to create out-of-this-world pasta at home, with step-by-step tips from our cookery team.

Homemade Pasta Recipe

Crab pappardelle arrabbiata

Make this fuss-free impressive pasta dish with fresh crabmeat and homemade confit chilli oil from 26 Grains in Covent Garden.

Arrabbiata Pasta Recipe with Crab

Macadamia pesto pappardelle

Ramp up your classic pine nut pesto with toasted macadamias and toss through long ribbons of pappardelle. Make this for an easy yet impressive weekend pasta recipe.

Pappardelle Recipe with Macadamia Pesto

Lamb ragu pappardelle

Check out chef Louis Korovilas’s melt-in-the-mouth pappardelle with indulgent lamb ragu. This easy yet impressive recipe comes from Italian restaurant Bancone in Covent Garden. We have a full dinner party menu from Bancone here…

Lamb Ragu Pappardelle Recipe

Vincisgrassi (pasta baked with parma ham)

Vincisgrassi, a type of baked pasta, comes from the region of Le Marche in Italy. It’s attributed to both General Windischgrätz (who fought Napoleon at Ancona), and to princisgrassi (meaning fat for the prince). In either case it’s very rich – some versions being even richer with the addition of sweetbreads and a pasta dough made with vin santo or marsala.

Vincisgrassi (pasta baked with parma ham)

Baked lobster fideo pasta

Try this baked lobster fideo from David Gingell of Western’s Laundry, one of London’s hottest new restaurants. This recipe not only looks impressive, it’s packed with flavour too. It may take a little bit of effort but it’s definitely worth it. Try our full Western’s Laundry menu here…

Western Laundry - Baked lobster fideo pasta

Slow and low goat ragu with orecchiette

Check out this rich and flavoursome melt-in-the-mouth goat ragu served with al dente orecchiette pasta and a topping of nutty parmesan. This may take a little time but you’re sure to impress your friends and family at your next dinner party.

Goat Ragu Recipe with Orecchiette Pasta served in2 round pasta dishes with a high grating of parmesan

Cauliflower and fontina cannelloni

This recipe for cauliflower and fontina cannelloni comes from the chefs at Cantino Corvino, London. It’s a delicious, comforting pasta dish that’s great for a vegetarian dinner party (try our other recipes here).

Cannelloni with squash, tomato and rosemary

Prawn orecchiette with roasted-shell olive oil

Check out our easy orecchiette recipe with large juicy prawns and punchy chilli. Impress your friends with this simple yet flavour packed pasta recipe this weekend.

Orecchiette Pasta Recipe with Prawns

Duck livers with caramelised onions, red wine vinegar sauce and pappardelle

This pasta recipe has bold flavours from duck livers and sweet caramelised onions. Duck livers make a simple, rustic sauce, perfect for a wintery dinner.

Pappardelle Pasta Recipe with Duck Livers and Caramelised Onions

Linguine with samphire and prawns

The best recipe for samphire. This easy dish is made with linguine and pairs the sea vegetable samphire with king prawns in a super-quick pasta sauce that looks really impressive. Looking for linguine recipes? Try one of our favourites here…

Linguine Pasta Recipe with Samphire and Prawns

Spaghetti with chorizo and rosemary pangritata

Check out this quick and easy spaghetti recipe with crispy chorizo and crunchy pangritata. Pangritata, sometimes called poor man’s parmesan, is a mix of fried breadcrumbs and herbs used add flavour and texture to pasta dishes.

Chorizo Spaghetti Recipe with Pangritata

Seafood fideuà

Fideuà is a Spanish dish similar to paella that uses short strands of pasta instead of rice. If you can’t find fideuà, break angel hair pasta into short pieces.

Seafood Fideuà Recipe

Pheasant ragu for pasta

A great introduction to pheasant: and makes a special sauce for pasta. This pheasant ragu goes well with tagliatelle for an impressive dinner party dish for friends.

Pheasant Ragu Recipe

Open spinach and ricotta ravioli

This classic blend of flavours is a favourite for a reason. Making it an open ravioli means that it’s quick and easy too, while it looks really impressive for a dinner party. Use dried pasta if you can’t find fresh, and cook according to packet instructions.

Open Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli Recipe

Posh porcini lasagne

Our posh porcini lasagne recipe is easy to make, vegetarian and feeds a crowd, perfect for family dinners or easy entertaining. Try our other vegetarian lasagne recipes here…

Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe With Posh Porcini Mushrooms

Angel hair pasta with lobster

Impress at your dinner party with lobster. Lobster tails are a good value way to buy lobster, though if you have access to whole lobster add the claw meat to the recipe as well.

Angel hair pasta with lobster

Spaghetti alle vongole

Vongole or clams make a classic Italian pasta dinner tossed with linguine and herbs. The clams are cooked in dry white wine, which combined with the natural clam juice make a lovely rich sauce for the pasta. Serve as a smart main for 2 or a starter for 4.

Spaghetti alle vongole

Saffron mussels with orzo & tomatoes

This recipe for saffron mussels with orzo & tomatoes is really easy – it’s a one-pot – and takes under and hour but it looks fantastic and is packed full of delicious flavours. It’s a great new way to make the most of mussels and tomatoes.

Saffron mussels with orzo & tomatoes

Beef shin macaroni

This epic slow-cooked beef dish comes from legendary London steak house, Hawksmoor. Beef shin is cooked in red wine and stock until meltingly tender then macaroni and cheese is added and baked to golden, bubbly perfection. Make one of our macaroni cheese recipes from our collection here…

Macaroni And Cheese With Beef Shin From Hawksmoor

Crab and saffron linguine

Feeling fancy? Impress with this sophisticated linguine dish, flecked with fresh crabmeat, red chilli, lemon zest and saffron.