17 Best Alcohol Cake Recipes for Baking with Alcohol

Best ever boozy cakes and bakes

Our boozy bakes combine a splash of booze with classic baking recipes to create grown up cakes and bakes including gin and tonic cake and mojito cake

Got some alcohol to use up in a cake? Try one of our boozy bakes for the ultimate indulgent dessert. We have everything from rum cake to impressive mojito cake and even gin and tonic cake. Why not impress your friends and family this weekend and make one of these show-stopping easy baking recipes…


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Orange and Aperol drizzle cake

Your favourite cocktail as a loaf cake – perfect for a grown-up afternoon tea.

Orange Drizzle Cake Recipe with Aperol

Irish coffee cake

We’ve ramped up a classic coffee cake with a splash of Irish whiskey and Guinness. Plus, it’s topped with luxurious coffee flavoured cream for an extra decadent cake recipe. We’ve got plenty more coffee recipes here.

Irish Coffee Cake Recipe

Whisky caramel and banana self-saucing pudding

Add a splash of booze to this dessert for extra indulgence! Ready in under an hour, this comforting pud magically creates its own sauce and is best served warm with a dollop of ice cream. More self-saucing recipes here.

Caramel Self-Saucing Pudding Recipe with Bananas and Whisky

Pandoro semifreddo

Check out our easy yet standout semifreddo recipe with chocolate and amaretto semifreddo all encased in an Italian pandoro bread and topped with crunchy pistachios.

Chocolate Pistachio Semifreddo Recipe

Mulled wine winter puddings

Looking for individual desserts that are easy to make? Check out our mini winter puddings with mulled wine.

Easy Warm Winter Puddings with Mulled Wine

Ultimate Christmas yule log

Need a show-stopping dessert recipe to impress guests over the Christmas period? Check out our indulgent festive yule log with a boozy Baileys cream and crunchy hazelnut brittle.

Festive Yule Log Recipe

Cheat’s rum, salted caramel and ginger cake

Transform a simple ginger loaf into this boozy cake in just 25 minutes by soaking in rum and caramel then layering with boozy caramel cream. Check out more of our ginger recipes here.

Rum and Ginger Cake Recipe with Salted Caramel

Rum-soaked fruit and almond cake

Want an easy fruit cake with no fuss? Impress your guests this Christmas and jazz up your cake with rum and a simple almond buttercream. Make it now or save the recipe to whip-up a quick Christmas cake.

Christmas Cake Recipe with Almond Buttercream

Espresso martini tiramisu

Need a showstopping dessert to impress guests? Make our creamy tiramisu with espresso, kahlúa and vodka. This boozy dessert is easy to make and will be a real hit with friends and family.

Espresso Martini Tiramisu Recipe

Russet and rum tarte tatin

Add a bit of booze to you tarte tatin with our showstopping recipe using russet apples, flaky puff pastry and dark rum. This impressive pudding may take a bit of time to make but it’s well worth the wait.

Apple Tarte Tatin Recipe with Rum

Chocolate amaretto almond cake recipe

Looking to take your chocolate cake up a notch? Check out this Italian inspired almond cake with dark melted chocolate and a hint of coffee. Topped with velvety amaretto cream, this cake is pure indulgence and a great treat to serve friends.

Chocolate Amaretto Almond Cake Recipe

Gin and tonic cake with lemon

Love gin? Baking with alcohol is great fun, add gin to your next bake. This lemon, gin & tonic cake combines two of our favourite things, plus it’s easy to make and sure to please a crowd.

Do you love G&Ts? Read our taste test and find out the best gin and tonic in a can…

Gin and Tonic Cake Recipe With Lemon

Sloe gin cake

Check out our seriously boozy sloe gin layer cake with plums and almonds. This cake is easy to make and sure to impress your friends over the festive period.

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Plum Cake with Sloe Gin Recipe

Mojito cake recipe

Looking for a boozy cake to entertain guests? Check out our easy cake recipe soaked in a mojito-infused sugar syrup and covered with lime buttercream. This mojito cake recipe will be the ideal cake for a special celebration.

Mojito Cake Recipe

Easy crème caramels with Kahlúa

Want an indulgent boozy dessert? Make these easy individual crème caramels with coffee liqueur – the perfect way to end your next dinner party with friends.

Crème Caramel with Kahlúa

Boozy rum raisin bundt cake

Want to make a rum cake? Rum raisin cake is a real crowd-pleasing flavour combo, try this boozy twist on a classic cake. Serve this bundt cake warm for pudding or afternoon tea, dolloped with sweetened whipped cream.

Rum and Raisin Cake Bundt Recipe

Easy Baileys pavlova recipe

Leftover Baileys? Check out our showstopping Baileys meringue recipe. You can make the pavlova base the day before, then fill just before serving, a perfect way to get ahead with your next dinner party. Store in a large airtight box or wrap the pav, on its tray, in clingfilm or foil to keep the air out.

Check out other Baileys recipes here…

Baileys Pavlova Recipe

Soufflé recipe with prunes and Armagnac

Check out our easy soufflé recipe with brandy. This basic soufflé recipe is an easy soufflé dessert made from scratch. The rich prune and Armagnac soufflé is served with a boozy Armagnac custard.

Want to learn how to make the perfect soufflé? Click the link and check out our guide to getting the best results everytime…

Prune and Armagnac Soufflé Recipe

Chocolate marble cake with stout

This show-off chocolate stout and marble cake makes a mean alcoholic dessert to serve guests over the festive period. Indulgent, easy to make, and good for entertaining, this cake will become a favourite crowd pleaser in no time.

Marble Cake Recipe with Stout and Chocolate

Easy chocolate tiffin recipe with Baileys

Looking for an easy edible gift to take to your Christmas party? Check out these indulgent chocolate tiffins with our favourite coffee liquor in solid chocolate form. You don’t have to include the edible glitter but it does give added bling.

Baileys Chocolate Tiffin Recipe for Christmas

Piña colada dessert recipe

Need a boozy summer dessert? Add a Caribbean twist to your baking with pineapple, coconut and rum flavours of piña colada. Use ready-baked tarts if you want to make this dessert even easier.

Pina Colada Dessert Recipe

Salted caramel apple pie with Whisky

Check out Edd Kimber’s indulgent apple pie recipe with caramel – a great twist on the classic. Whisky is added to the thick and crunchy pastry, and caramel added to the apple filling for a more decadent and grown up taste.

Click the link and find out how to make Edd Kimber’s flaky pie dough…

Whisky and Rye Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Prune tart with armagnac

This delicious prune and armagnac tart was dreamed up in Skye Gyngell’s Spring restaurant at Somerset House. This easy tart recipe is served with an orange caramel sauce on the side – perfect way to end dinner.

Prune Recipe with Armagnac Tart by Skye Gyngell's

Tiramisu cake recipe with chocolate

This devilish combination of amaretto, Tia Maria, mascarpone, amaretto and dark chocolate comes together to make our best ever tiramisu torte that’s well worth the effort. This impressive adult cake recipe will be a hit with your friends and family at your next gathering.

Tiramisu Cake Recipe with Chocolate

Caramel apple cake recipe with custard

Need a sophisticated dessert recipe? Our caramelised upside-down cake is an indulgent cake that is best served warm with the Cointreau custard.

Apple Cake Recipe with Custard

Bread and butter pudding recipe with bourbon butterscotch sauce

Check out this bread and butter pudding recipe with boozy bourbon butterscotch sauce. Bread and butter pudding is a New Orleans staple with most restaurants serving a version of it. Serve this boozy dessert with a dollop of ice cream.

Bread Pudding Recipe with Bourbon

Boozy tiramisu bombe

Everyone loves a boozy, coffee-flavoured Italian tiramisu and this is a great easy version, made with shop-bought sponge cake and without raw eggs and shaped like an ice cream bombe.

Boozy Tiramisu Ice Cream Bombe Recipe

Key lime pie recipe with coconut

Like a happy mash-up of a key lime pie and a piña colada, this coconut key lime pie is a Saturday night kind of pudding. It’s easy to make but looks really impressive on the table.


White chocolate roulade recipe with Baileys

Treat your loved ones to a great dessert with this luxurious festive bake made with white chocolate and Baileys. This easy chocolate roulade recipe requires very little effort, prepare it next time you host a dinner party.

White Chocolate Recipe Roulade with Baileys