Check out our guide to Tajín, including where to buy it and lots of recipe inspiration, then learn more about buttermilk, kefir and paneer.

What is Tajín?

Tajín is the brand name of an iconic Mexican fruit seasoning made with dried lime, ancho and pasilla chilli, sea salt, smoked paprika and oregano. It has a tangy, earthy, zesty flavour, with a mild chilli heat that’s perfect in marinades or over barbecued vegetables. It’s often sprinkled over sweet, ripe fruits such as pineapple, mango and watermelon, and goes well with grilled seafood, too. Tajín is loved by chefs at restaurants including Casa Pastor in London and Bonita Taqueria Y Rotisserie in San Francisco.

Where to buy Tajín

Tajín, £6/142g, Amazon

Tajín, £3.32/142g, Sous Chef

Tajín recipes

Tajín cauliflower bites

Tajín works so well on these moreish cauliflower bites alongside cooling soured cream.

A silver tray topped with orange roasted cauliflower with a pot of white sauce in the corner

Tajín shrimp fajita salad

Tajín is showcased in this fresh, vibrant salad that's great with a cold beer.

Plate of shrimp salad with tortilla batons.

Beetroot mezcalita

Pickled brine is the secret ingredient in this vibrant beetroot mezcalita, perfect for kicking off the weekend. It wouldn't be complete with the salt rim, made by mixing Tajín with sugar.

Two short glasses filled with beetroot mezcalita with salt on the rim

Pineapple mezcal margarita

Combine the smoky notes of mezcal with the sweetness of pineapple juice – the citrus notes from the lime and the spicy Tajín rim balance the drink nicely.

Pineapple mezcal margarita in a martini glass topped with a dried lime.