What’s the dilli’o

  • serves 1
  • Easy

This fresh, tropical cocktail comes from one of O’s favourite bars, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. We’re seeing a growing trend for using herbs and vegetables in cocktails, and this is a good way to ease yourself in as it’s still got some familiar flavours. This cocktail is really easy to make at home, but if you want to try it out at the bar, head to the Breakfast Club near Liverpool Street and ask to speak to the Mayor…



  • London dry gin 50ml
  • yellow chartreuse 15ml
  • lemon juice 12.5ml 
  • pineapple juice 25ml
  • egg white
  • sugar syrup 10ml
  • dill a few sprigs


  • Step 1

    Put all the wet ingredients and one sprig of dill into a cocktail shaker without ice and shake vigorously to emulsify everything and aerate the egg white. Open the shaker, fill with ice and shake again, then strain into a coupette. Garnish with a sprig of dill.