Kiwi fruit collins

  • serves 10
  • A little effort

A fruity vodka-based cocktail invented by cocktail guru Douglas Ankrah that looks amazing with its green Christmas hue. Make sure you’ve got lots of crushed ice ready to go before you start making them.



  • kiwi fruit 5 ripe, peeled and diced
  • gomme (sugar) syrup 100ml (from off licences)
  • crushed ice plenty
  • vodka 500ml
  • lemon juice 250ml
  • soda water or or 7-UP 2 litres
  • kiwi fruit slices 30, for decoration


  • Step 1

    Muddle (mash up) the diced kiwi fruit in a 1 litre jug with the gomme syrup, then half-fill with ice. Add the vodka and lemon, stir and split between 10 glasses. Top each glass with more ice, almost to the rim, then fill up with soda water or 7-UP and decroate with 3 kiwi slices. rim