Bos Taurus Whisky Cocktail Recipe

Bos taurus

  • serves 1
  • Easy

This cocktail comes from Bull in a China Shop, an Asian-inspired all-day restaurant in Shoreditch specialising in rotisserie chicken and whisky, with a collection of over 30, including rare varieties. It also embraces the charcoal trend in everything from breakfast to cocktails. This one is a little easier to create at home, though, using Nikka from the barrel, a fantastic Japanese whisky with floral notes and only a little oak.



  • Asian pear 1, thinly sliced
  • maple syrup 10ml
  • Nikka whisky from the barrel 50ml
  • lemon juice 15ml


  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Grill two pieces of Asian pear on both sides. Then glaze with maple syrup, muddle in a mixing glass and add the rest of the ingredients to it.Shake well with ice. Serve in a chilled martini glass, and garnish with another slice of pear, if you like.