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Sherry's long-awaited revival

After decades in the doldrums, sherry is shrugging off its fusty image and enjoying a much-deserved revival. Sales have shown a 13 per cent rise over the past year, with fino and manzanilla, the driest styles, leading the growth. I’m rarely without a bottle of fino or manzanilla in my fridge – they’re among my favourite things to drink to mark the end of a day. They make fantastic aperitifs, especially with roasted almonds or olives alongside, but are good with so many other things besides.

Traditionally served well-chilled in small, tulip-shaped glasses called copitas, and sipped slowly to appreciate their nuances, they are also great for cocktails and long drinks. Sling 75ml of sherry into a glass filled with ice, then add tonic to make a She & T; or add lemonade, which turns it into a rebujito, garnished with mint, a green olive and/or a slice of lemon, as downed by the bucketload at summer fiestas in the south of Spain. I've also used them with great success in place of vermouth in a negroni or a dry martini.

Finos come from the Andalusian city of Jerez, from which sherry gets its name. They are made from dry wine, usually from the palomino grape, that’s fortified with spirit then left to age in barrels laid on their sides and piled high in vast cathedral-like buildings called bodegas. Some space is left above the wine allowing a veil of yeast called the flor to grow, preventing it from oxidising while also imparting sherry’s uniquely nutty, savoury flavours as it ages.

Manzanilla is made in the same way but in the coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, north-west of Jerez, where the humid sea air makes the flor grow thicker and gives the sherry its characteristic salty freshness.

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Finos and manzanillas labelled 'en rama' are those bottled straight from the barrel, usually released each May to the great excitement of the sherry-loving community, with little or no filtering, giving a richer, more intense flavour to the sherry.

Best fino sherries to buy at a glance

  • Best savoury fino sherry: Bodegas Tradición Fino, £29.27
  • Best unfiltered fino sherry: Gonzalez Byass Una Palma Fino, £17.65
  • Best supermarket fino sherry: Sainsbury's Winemakers' Selection Pale Dry Fino Sherry, £5.80
  • Best manzanilla sherry: Barbadillo Solear Manzanilla Sherry, £10.99
  • Best well-known sherry: Tio Pepe Fino En Rama, £17.25
  • Best investment fino sherry: Lustau Puerto Fino Sherry, £20.61
  • Best aged manzanilla: Hidalgo 'Pastrana' Pasada Manzanilla Sherry, £14.99

Best fino sherries to buy 2023

Bodegas Tradición Fino

Bodegas Tradicion Fino sherry

Best savoury fino sherry

Made using a blend of sherries aged for around 12 years, this golden fino is intense and savoury, with bracing salinity, yeasty aromas and notes of salted almonds.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£29.27)
Fortnum & Mason (£35)

Gonzalez Byass Una Palma Fino

Copy of High Res PR images portrait - Una Palma

Best unfiltered fino sherry

An unfiltered fino sherry that starts with yeasty brioche notes on the nose, followed by incredibly dry, salty flavours with a lemony kick. We also enjoyed the long, savoury finish.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£17.65)

Sainsbury’s Winemakers’ Selection Pale Dry Fino

Sainsbury’s Winemaker’s Selection Pale Dry Fino on a white backdrop

Best supermarket fino sherry

While this doesn’t have the complexities of many other finos, it’s a great introduction to dry sherry at a really affordable price.

Available from:
Sainsbury's (£5.80)

Barbadillo Solear Manzanilla

Barbadillo Solear Manzanilla against a white backdrop

Best manzanilla sherry

This ticks all the boxes of a great manzanilla – bracingly fresh with a really appetising salty zip on the finish. The tempura squid with ponzu dipping sauce would be an ace match.

Available from:
Waitrose (£10.99)

Tio Pepe Fino En Rama

Tio Pepe Fino En Rama 2021 against a white backdrop

Best well-known sherry

Tio Pepe, made since 1841, is the world’s best-selling fino, and great value for money. This en rama bottling is more intense and complex, with notes of almonds, salted lemons and baked apples.

Lustau Puerto Fino

Lustau Puerto Fino against a white backdrop

Best investment fino sherry

Lustau makes a huge range of sherries in different styles, both in Jerez and in El Puerto de Santa María, a seaside town from which this comes. Delightfully fresh, fragrant and yeasty, try it with the salt and pepper squid with chilli and spring onions.

Hidalgo Pastrana Manzanilla Pasada

Hidalgo Pastrana Manzanilla Pasada against a white backdrop

Incredible value for this award-winning manzanilla that’s aged for 12 years, giving extra depth to its salty, nutty flavours. Ideal with the grilled sardines with tomato and almond salad and sherry vinegar dressing.

Available from:
Waitrose Cellar (£14.99)


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