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Hoppily beer subscription

Hoppily beer subscription review

Published: June 8, 2021 at 2:45 pm

Support small craft breweries with the Hoppily Craft Beer Club – read our full review of this monthly beer subscription.

Essex-based Hoppily is on a mission to ‘champion the unusual and the underdog’, seeking out little-known, adventurous craft breweries across the UK that produce strong beers with bold flavours. Its proud boast is: ‘No supermarket beers: if a beer is featured in a supermarket, at Hoppily we won’t stock it individually online or in our store. Simple.’


As well as a widely stocked bottle shop and gift shop, Hoppily offers the Hoppily craft beer club monthly subscription. There are a variety of rolling subscription options, ranging from eight (£30 a month) or 10 beers (£35 a month), to the ‘Hoptacular’ beer box (£48 a month), which contains 10 premium beers with stronger-than-usual ABVs. For an extra £2, you can also add a snack to your box.

Beers are selected from a wide variety of small craft brewers, including Pentrich Brew Co., Hackney Brewery, Leigh-on-Sea Brewery, Portobello Brewing Company and One Mile End Brewery. Our case is made up of eight interesting cans and bottles:

  • Orbit Rhubarb Sour (4% ABV)
  • C84 No.24 (7% ABV)
  • Firebrand Graffiti IPA (5% ABV)
  • Bulk Powers IPA (5.1% ABV)
  • Hammerton Groll pilsner (4.7% ABV)
  • Signature Brew Good Vibrations APA (5.2% ABV)
  • Bishop Nick Tattoo’d New Zealand hopped red ale (4.9% ABV)
  • Bermondsey Best bitter (4.4% ABV)

Packaging is minimal – there are no frills or tasting notes, just cans and bottles of interesting beers. Delivery is free and if you become a member you also get a 10 per cent discount for purchases in the online bottle shop or gift shop.

Overall, this simple beer delivery is great for beer explorers. If you want to try something new and support small craft brewers in the UK, give this a whirl.


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