Matcha is rapidly making its way into the mainstream – served up over ice by your favourite local barista or stocked in your local whole foods shop.


Whether matcha is already part of your morning routine, or if you're looking to branch out into something new, our team have tried and tested different matcha tea powders at a range of price points to help you to choose the right one for you.

Matcha is a Japanese tea where the leaves are very finely ground into a powder, which is then whisked into hot water using a specialist whisk. Traditionally, matcha was used in formal tea ceremonies, but it is now widely drunk across the world being valued for its flavour and slow release of caffeine compared to coffee.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our colourful matcha recipes; we have cupcakes, roulade and crêpes. Get your day off to a great start with our five tips for your morning routine and then wind down in the evening with our mindful evening routine tips.

For more wellbeing inspiration, check out our guide to the best greens powders to buy.

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Best matcha tea powders at a glance

  • Best single-estate matcha tea powder: Matcha Gold, Lalani & Co, £23.20
  • Best artisan matcha tea powder: Meiko Ceremonial matcha, £57
  • Best organic matcha tea powder: OMGTeas AAA grade organic matcha, £22.95
  • Best blow-out matcha tea powder: DirTEA ceremonial grade matcha, £59.99
  • Best ceremonial matcha tea powder: Jenki matcha powder, £39.99
  • Best matcha tea powder for beginners: Teapigs premium matcha green tea, £39.80
  • Best affordable matcha tea powder: PureChimp ceremonial grade matcha tea powder, £16.95
  • Best matcha tea bags: Pukka Supreme matcha green tea bags, £3.75

Best matcha tea powders to buy 2024

Matcha Gold, Lalani & Co

Lalani matcha

Best single-estate matcha tea powder

Okumidori tea leaves are grown in the Nakai family organic gardens in Japan, making Lalani’s Matcha Gold a rare single estate variety of matcha. Artisan techniques are used through the process, from the hand-picking to traditional stone-milling. Its vibrant, rich green colour speaks for its high quality, as does the intense, yet delicate flavour that’s floral, bright and sweet, whisking into a creamy, silky froth.

Available from:

Revital (£23.20)

Matchaeologist Meiko ceremonial matcha

Meiko matcha

Best artisan matcha tea powder

This ceremonial grade tea is ground from hand-picked virgin tea buds and delicately roasted using artisan techniques. This variety is characterised by its fresh ‘ooika’ fragrance, only found in particular shade-grown green tea. The unique matcha has a full body while offering a vibrant combination of floral and bright grassy notes.

Available from:

Not on the High Street (£57)

OMGTeas grade AAA organic matcha

OMG tea matcha tin

Best organic matcha tea powder

This AAA Grade organic matcha from OMGTeas is a high quality option for matcha connoisseurs. The ceremonial grade tea is incredibly smooth with no gritty or powdery texture. The flavour is strong with a rich herbal, earthy note.

Available from:

Amazon (£22.95)
Holland & Barret (£23.95)

DirTEA ceremonial grade matcha

Dirtea matcha

Best blow-out matcha tea powder

One hundred per cent organic, ceremonial grade matcha is combined with a variety of on-trend ingredients with promised health benefits in this blend. It has a strong vegetal odour, but a slightly sweet taste (likely due to the coconut sugar) and creamy texture, which make for a very pleasant cuppa. Also included in the blend are three types of functional mushroom, plus moringa and MCT.

Available from:

Amazon (£59.99)
Look Fantastic (£59.99)

Jenki matcha powder

Jenki Ceremonial Grade matcha pouches

Best ceremonial matcha tea powder

Jenki might be the new kids on the block but their matcha is of the same quality as older brands. It's 100% ceremonial grade from the foothills of Uji, Japan. The flavour is sweet, earthy and mellow. It's wonderful made the proper way, with a bamboo whisk and warm water. But for anyone looking to get creative with their matcha, it works very well in pancakes, smoothies and lattes, too. Jenki are so confident you'll love their product, they urge you to serve it to your matcha-hating friends who they're sure will be converted.

Available from:

Selfridges (£39.99)

Teapigs premium matcha green tea

Teapigs Premium Matcha Green Tea

Best matcha tea powder for beginners

Teapigs matcha is made from pure organic green tea leaves and sourced from the renowned Nishio region in Japan, where tea leaves are grown under cover to produce lots of amino acids, as well as the chlorophyll that makes them so vibrantly green. The fine powder can be easily whisked into warm water or the milk of your choice, as well as baked into cakes, cookies and other treats. You can even buy a milk frother and matcha spoon on their website, for making the perfect brew.

Available from:

Amazon (£39.80)
Ocado (£58)

PureChimp ceremonial grade matcha tea powder

PureChimp Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Powder

Best affordable matcha tea powder

After discovering the natural energy-boosting properties of matcha, the founders of PureChimp wanted to find a way to make it more affordable and bring matcha to the masses. The result was this impressive ceremonial grade matcha that comes straight from Japan, all for a reasonable price. There are other reasons to opt for PureChimp – their matcha is always made without pesticides, they use biodegradable packaging, and donate 5% of their profits to charity.

Available from:

Amazon (£16.95)

Pukka Supreme matcha green tea bags

Pukka matcha tea bags

Best matcha tea bags

If you're looking to enjoy matcha on a budget, try these matcha-infused teabags from Pukka. They're made with a blend of high-quality green tea leaves and a touch of organic matcha powder. The taste is clean and herby; perfect for early morning sipping or drinking after a meal. Just be aware that this blend may not boast the same health benefits as powerful pure matcha.

Available from:

Waitrose (£3.75)
Tesco (£4.75)
Sainsbury's (£4.75)

What is matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder. It comes from the camellia sinensis plant and gets its bold colour from the process of drying the carefully picked leaves without cutting or tearing, which would otherwise encourage browning and the development of caffeine.

Traditionally used in formal Japanese tea ceremonies, it's an ingredient steeped in history. For centuries, people have been sipping matcha to help improve their calmness and focus, boost their energy and to benefit from its powerful antioxidants.

You may have noticed there are different qualities of matcha. Ceremonial grade is the highest quality matcha available and is best enjoyed as a tea. However, there are culinary grade matchas that can be used when cooking. Nowadays, many western chefs are using matcha to add fantastic colour and flavour to a number of dishes, from lattes and pancakes to cakes and ice cream.

If you're in the market for matcha, it might be best to shop around for one you like as the taste and intensity can vary. You might prefer a deep, earthy variety or a lighter, more subtle taste. Buy the best quality you can afford – it makes a noticeable difference.

Is matcha good for you?

There are many reasons to drink matcha. It's high in caffeine so acts as a stimulant, making you feel more alert and focused. Studies have shown the type of caffeine in green tea may speed up metabolic weight and aid weight loss. It also contains L-theanine, which has a stress-relieving effect.


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