Flatbread toppings

4 flatbread toppings

Fancy-up summer flatbreads with our clever ideas, from masala scrambled eggs to harissa mushrooms

Spiced chicken flatbreads

  • Toss together 200g finely shredded red cabbage, ¼ sliced red onion, 2 tsp white wine vinegar and 1 tsp caster sugar. Let it sit for 10 minutes, tossing now and again.
  • Slice a large cooked skinless chicken breast.
  • Heat 25g butter in a pan and add ½ tsp za’atar and some seasoning. Add the chicken and heat through until coated in the butter.
  • Put some of the cabbage salad on a flatbread, top with the chicken and some chopped parsley
Spiced chicken flatbreads

Masala scramble flatbreads

  • Dice a small red pepper, then cook in butter until softened.
  • Add ½ tsp cumin seeds and a pinch of garam masala, and cook for 1 minute – keep warm.
  • Beat 3 eggs with some seasoning then softly scramble in a pan.
  • Divide the eggs between 2 warmed flatbreads then top with the peppers and some coriander leaves.
Masala scramble flatbreads

Harissa mushroom flatbreads

  • Cook 200g quartered chestnut mushrooms in a little vegetable oil until softened and golden. Stir in 1 tbsp harissa and cook for 2 minutes.
  • Mix 4 tbsp greek yogurt with ½ crushed clove of garlic and some chopped dill.
  • Divide the yogurt between 2 warmed flatbreads, top with the mushrooms then sprinkle over a little more chopped dill.
Harissa mushroom flatbreads

Smoky halloumi flatbreads

  • Toss 8 quartered cherry tomatoes, ¼ small diced cucumber, 8 pitted and halved Kalamata olives with a dash of red wine vinegar and olive oil, and some seasoning.
  • Dry-fry a pack of sliced halloumi until golden, then add a good pinch of smoked paprika and toss.
  • Top 2 warmed flatbreads with a swirl of hummus each, then top with the halloumi and salad.