Courgetti Salad Recipe

33 ways with courgettes plus courgetti recipes

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Got a glut of courgettes? Turn them into summer salads, or spiralize to make courgetti for Thai soup, courgetti and ricotta tarts or spiralized summer rolls


We love courgette spaghetti, so we have created some easy courgetti recipes to enjoy this healthy food trend. Spiralize your courgettes to make easy courgette pasta, or add courgette noodles into Asian soups.

Best spiralizers to make courgetti

Spiralizers are a nifty kitchen gadget for creating gorgeous long spirals of fruit and veg – spiralized courgette in particular makes for a delicious, healthy alternative to spaghetti. We’ve tested five spiralizers to suit any budget, so click here on to find out which is right for you.

When are courgettes in season?

British courgettes are at their best between June and October



  • Use courgettes or buy pre-prepared courgetti

Greek lamb-stuffed courgettes

Make the most of this versatile vegetable by topping with spiced lamb mince, pine nuts and feta in this crowd-pleasing Mediterranean dish.



Chargrilled courgette and smoked bacon pasta

Salty smoked bacon adds extra flavour to this simple courgette pasta, livened up with fried chilli flakes for a quick midweek meal.

Courgette Bacon Pasta Recipe

Caramelised onion and courgette pilaf

A jumble of courgette, tomatoes, basmati rice and gentle spices makes for a perfect pilaf.

Vegetable Pilaf Recipe With Perfect Rice

Courgetti salad recipe

We use courgetti for our hero ingredient in this quick  salad recipe. Courgetti also gives this easy salad extra colour, taste and substance. If you wanted a more authentic flavour though, use fish sauce instead of tamari (gluten free sauce).

Griddled courgette, mozzarella, peas and mint salad

Make the most of homegrown courgettes in this vibrant salad for a quick vegetarian meal.

Pea and Mint Salad Recipe with Griddled Courgette and Mozzarella

Fried courgette flowers recipe with honey and vinegar

Packed with sweet and tangy flavour, these courgette flowers with honey and vinegar are a great easy yet impressive starter for any summer dinner party. We've got plenty more starter recipes here.

Fried Courgette Flowers Recipe With Honey and Vinegar

Lemon and mint marinated courgettes

These zesty grilled courgettes are a great summer side dish to have alongside your midweek meal. Plenty more easy recipes here.

lemon and mint marinated courgettes

Courgette and avocado salad with blitzed beetroot dressing

This courgette salad with avocado and red rice is a super easy and vibrant veggie recipe. Packed with flavour, plenty of colour and under 500 calories, this dish is the ideal midweek meal for two.

Rice Salad Recipe with Courgette and Avocado and Beetroot Dressing

Courgetti, ricotta and tarragon tarts

These individual courgetti, ricotta and tarragon tarts are really easy to make, look fantastic and, most importantly, taste delicious, a great midweek meal for the family.

Spiralized Zucchini Tart Recipe With Ricotta and Tarragon

Courgetti with pesto and balsamic tomatoes

Who needs pasta when you can have spiralized courgette? Try our easy 'courgetti' recipe, made with baby plum tomatoes, garlic, pesto, pine nuts and a lot of courgette spaghetti. More spaghetti recipes here.

Courgetti Recipe with Pesto and Tomatoes

Paprika chicken thighs with courgette ribbons

Jazz up your midweek meal with pretty courgette ribbons, juicy cherry tomatoes and smoky chicken thighs - ready in less than an hour. Plenty more chicken thigh recipes here.

Paprika Chicken Thighs with Courgette Ribbons

Courgetti with sundried tomato, pesto and mozzarella pearls

Try our easy vibrant courgetti recipe with sundried tomatoes, fresh pesto and mini mozzarella pearls.
Easy Courgetti Recipe

Courgetti, pea and artichoke salad with pistachio pesto

A vibrant seasonal courgette spaghetti recipe with peas and artichokes served with a vegan pistachio pesto - ready in just 20 minutes. Check out our best vegan recipes here.
Courgetti Pesto Recipe With Pea and Artichoke Salad

Spiralized vegetarian summer rolls

Spiralized courgette takes the place of noodles in these super-healthy, Vietnamese-style vegan rolls. They're great to pack for a posh picnic. More Vietnamese recipes here.
Summer Rolls Recipe With Courgetti

Thai courgetti soup

We've taken our courgette noodle obsession to the next level with this easy, healthy Thai coconut courgetti soup. Plenty more punchy Thai recipes here.

Thai Coconut Soup Recipe with Courgetti

Spiral courgette tart with dill dressing

Try this new take on spiralized courgette in a beautiful vegetarian tart. It's low-calorie, low fat and 5:2 diet friendly for a healthy entertaining meal.

Courgette Tart Recipe

Courgette lollipops

Add our easy courgettes side to your next vegetarian bbq soaked in a citrusy sweet marinade with a hint of chilli. More veggie bbq recipes here.

Courgette Vegetable Skewers Recipe

Courgette scarpaccia

There are sweet and savoury versions of this Tuscan pancake-tart hybrid – this is salata (savoury). Scarpaccia means old shoe, perhaps because the end result should be as thin as the sole of an old shoe.

Courgette Tart Scapriccia Recipe

Courgette mac 'n' cheese with garlic sourdough crumbs

We've changed things up in this classic US, mac ‘n’ cheese served with garlicky crumbs. This recipe is easy but super comforting more mac ‘n’ cheese recipes here.
Mac And Cheese Recipe With Courgette and Garlic Sourdough Crumbs

Roasted courgette, chickpea and lemon salad

Make the most of courgettes in this vegan salad served with crunchy chickpeas tossed in punchy harissa. It's ready in 20 minutes and low in calories too.

Roast Courgette Salad Recipe with Chickpeas

Romana courgette agrodolce

Romana courgettes served with a sweet and spicy agrodolce sauce is perfect for a vegetarian dinner party dish.

Fried Courgette with Agrodolce Sauce

Pea, courgette and artichoke barley risotto

Barley is a great alternative to normal risotto rice, and when paired with pea, courgette and artichoke, makes for a delicious summery dish that feels indulgent but is under 300 calories. Check out more of our best risotto recipes here.
Courgette and Pea Risotto Recipe with Artichoke

Quick courgette lasagne

Mix the courgettes, garlic and chilli with ricotta, add a shop-bought tomato sauce and fresh lasagne and dinner can be on the table in under 30 minutes. Discover our best veggie lasagne recipes here.
Quick Courgette Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe

Quick pickled courgette, ham hock, pea and goat’s cheese salad

We've pickled courgettes in this quick and easy salad recipe with goat's cheese, ham hock and peas. Check out our best pea recipes here.

Quick pickled courgette, ham hock, pea and goat’s cheese salad

Courgette fritti

Courgette fritti make a delicious, healthy alternative to chips. Serve with steak or just as a nibble with drinks. Beware - this recipe is highly addictive!
Courgette Fritters Recipe

Courgette, chilli and mint pizzas

Make the most of courgettes in this quick and easy pizza made with readymade flatbreads and topped with creamy mozzarella. Ccheck out our best pizza recipes here.
Courgette Pizza Recipe with Chilli

Courgette carbonara

Dressed in a light and creamy carbonara sauce, this quick-to-make pasta with courgettes is perfect on a warm summer evening.
Courgette Carbonara Recipe

Griddled courgette salad with anchovies and capers

Charred sweet baby courgettes are tossed with fresh herbs in a simple lemon and caper dressing for a quick summer salad for any day of the week.
Griddled Courgette Salad Recipe with Anchovies and Capers

Mushroom and quinoa-stuffed courgette

Make this easy recipe for stuffed courgettes. Pack the insides with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and goat's cheese before baking - a healthy vegetarian main course. Plenty more veggie meal ideas here.
Stuffed Courgette Recipe with Mushrooms

Korean courgette pancakes with dipping sauce

We've given the humble courgette a Korean-style makeover in this simple dinner-party starter, served with a delicious Asian ingredient dipping sauce. Makes enough for 4.
Courgette Pancakes Recipe With Dipping Sauce

Freeform courgette galette 

Put courgettes at the heart of this easy galette, perfect for a stunning recipe to impress guests when you bring it to the table.
Galette Courgette Recipe

Courgette and coconut layer cake

If you love veggie cakes then you'll love our easy courgette and coconut cake. This super moist and moriesh layer cake is packed with fluffy cream cheese icing and topped with crunchy coconut chips, a modern take on the British classic carrot cake. Plenty more layer cake recipes here.

Courgette Cake Recipe with Coconut

Avocado, courgette and lime drizzle cake

Sneak some of your five a day into your bake with this recipe for avocado, courgette and lime drizzle cake. Check out more of our easy loaf cake recipes here.

Courgette Loaf Cake With Avocado and Lime