A selection of vegan pizzas in their packets

Who makes the best vegan pizza?

Our mission: to find the best vegan pizza available in the UK. Here are the results of our expert taste test

Looking for the best vegan pizza to buy? Read on to find the results of our vegan pizza taste test.


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How the best vegan pizza taste test worked

Five members of the olive team conducted a blind taste test to find the most flavoursome shop-bought vegan pizza. We tasted all of the biggest brands widely available in the UK. The group chose joint winners and a runner-up.

The results for the best vegan pizza

Winner: Pizza Express classic vegan giardiniera

About the vegan pizza: This vegan pizza has a wheat flour base and is topped with tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative, artichoke, spinach, red onion, mushroom and tomato purée.

Comments: With a crisp crust, floury base and generous toppings, this vegan pizza with creamy mozzarella alternative looked and tasted the part.

£5.50/272g, ocado.com

A green packet is filled with a Pizza Express vegan giardiniera pizza. It has a black Pizza Express logo on it

Winner for best alternative vegan pizza: Wicked Kitchen margherita pizza

About the vegan pizza: This vegan pizza has a seeded sourdough base topped with tomato and basil sauce, dairy-free mozzarella cheese alternative, semi dried tomatoes and a basil dressing.

Comments: This pizza had more of a flatbread style, with a nice chewy base, fresh basil dressing and creamy dairy-free cheese.

£4/268g, tesco.com

There is a white cardboard packet with an uncooked vegan pizza inside

Runner-up: Iceland no cheese Italian garden pizza

About the vegan pizza: This wheat flour base is topped with broccoli, tomato purée, tomatoes, mushrooms and red onions.

Comments: If you want a simpler vegan pizza, this cheese-free option had a pillowy base and sweet tomato sauce.

£2/382g, groceries.iceland.co.uk

Iceland Vegan No Cheese Italian Garden Pizza

Other vegan pizzas we tried

Marks and Spencer Plant Kitchen BBQ pulled jackfruit

About the vegan pizza: This vegan pizza is topped with smoky BBQ pulled jackfruit, vegan tomato sauce, peppers, red onions and a cauliflower sauce.

Comments: We liked the wood fired appearance on this pizza along with its smoky smell and stringy cheese, however the toppings didn’t deliver.

£3.50/231g, marksandspencer.com

A long blue cardboard packet is filled with an uncooked vegan BBQ pulled jackfruit vegan pizza

Waitrose vegan stonebaked barbecue jackfruit

About the vegan pizza: This vegan pizza is topped with barbecue tomato sauce, roasted jackfruit, grated solidified coconut derivative, red onion and chargrilled red and yellow peppers.

Comments: With a crisp crust, subtle BBQ flavour and creamy cheese, this was quite pleasant but we found it too sweet.

£4.99/420g, waitrose.com

White Rabbit smokin’ vegan gluten free pizza

About the vegan pizza: This vegan pizza is also free from gluten. The base is made from a rice, maize, buckwheat, potato starch and corn starch blend and has a topping of tomato sauce, spinach, olives and vegan smoked MozzaRisella.

Comments: This pizza was a little pale in appearance, with a mushy crust and slightly artificial flavour.

£5/340g, ocado.com

An uncooked vegan pizza topped with olives has a cardboard sleeve on it with the words The White Rabbit Pizza Co.

Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg! vegan spicy masala chickpea pizza

About the vegan pizza: This spinach vegetable base is topped with red lentil dhal, spiced chickpeas, kale, red onion and chilli.

Comments: The base and chickpeas on this pizza were mushy, and the toppings a little bland.

£3.50/182g, sainsburys.co.uk

Sainsbury's Love Your Veg! Vegan Spicy Masala Pizza

Tesco free from margherita pizza

About the vegan pizza: This free from pizza has a gluten free base made from potato, tapioca and oat flour and is topped with a tomato and basil sauce, coconut and potato starch-based mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

Comments: The base on this pizza was very thin and floppy, with sour-tasting vegan cheese on top.

£3.50/330g, tesco.com

An uncooked pizza is topped with grated cheese and tomato sauce. There is a cardboard sleeve with Tesco free from written on it

No Dough Pizza Co. vegan margherita pizza

About the vegan pizza: This cauliflower base is topped with tomato sauce, vegan cheese and semi-dried cherry tomatoes. It is also gluten-free.

Comments: This pizza was very soggy and the base crumbled in the oven, with sour, artificial tasting vegan cheese.


£4/270g, sainsburys.co.uk

A blue cardboard box with No Dough Pizza Co. written on top has a photo of a pizza with vegan cheese and tomato sauce