Have you heard of the Yorkshire Burrito? Yorkshire man Henry Preen has brought the Great British roast dinner to the streets of London with his Yorkshire pudding wraps. Choose between roast chicken with lemon and black pepper in white wine gravy, rare breed beef brisket in red wine gravy, or slices of roasted pork belly with crackling and apple sauce, before its wrapped into a giant Yorkshire pudding with rosemary-roasted potatoes, greens, sage and onion stuffing and plenty of gravy. There’s also an indulgent veggie option of roasted cauliflower cheese served with all the trimmings.


We interview Henry about his Yorkshire pudding wraps and the best Yorkshire burrito recipe…

Yorkshire Burrito Henry Preen

How did the Yorkshire Burrito come about?

The Yorkshire Burrito idea was a combination of a few things. Firstly, I wanted to develop the nostalgic tradition from when you used to go down the pub and have a roast dinner in a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with gravy, that’s a great thing for a Yorkshire man.

Secondly, I wanted to create a unique British street food. We do street food extremely well in the UK, especially in London (here are our favourite street food stalls), with many thriving street food markets focusing on international street food (burgers, kebabs and bao buns to name a few), but there aren’t enough British street food stalls. In my opinion one of the things we do best as a country is the Sunday roast. It’s what other countries know us for, the French even call us ‘les roast-beef’, so it made sense to bring the roast dinner to the streets of London and the UK.

How do you make a Yorkshire Burrito Yorkshire pudding wrap?

The Yorkshire burritos all come with stuffing, crisp rosemary roast potatoes, and a bit of spinach because it's healthy, break up the brown a little bit. For the meat we've got slow-roast beef brisket cooked in loads of red wine and a mix of carrot, onions and celery, and then there's the chicken one which is roasted off with loads of lemon, honey, lots and lots of black pepper, a bit of white wine in there as well, and then soon we'll have pork with crackling and apple sauce.

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Do you have a vegetarian Yorkshire pudding wrap at Yorkshire Burrito?

We have a cauliflower cheese wrap, with all the trimmings. Cauliflower cheese is one of those things that can be quite easy to get wrong if you boil the cauliflower too much, so I roast it off on the grill with loads of garlic, salt and pepper, get a nice bit of colour to it and leave it quite crunchy with a good bit of bite. The cheese sauce has a bit of white wine vinegar and mustard powder and lots of cheese – the most mature cheddar available to man.

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What are the origins of the Yorkshire pudding?

I heard it used to be a thing when families who didn't have a lot of money would cook a rack of meat above a batter base and the juices would drip down to create an indulgent extra component to the roast dinner to help fill people up while still retaining the meaty flavour.

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Which is your favourite roast dinner, roast chicken or roast beef?

Roast beef, mainly because of the rich gravy you get from it, or top of the pops would be pork, pork with crackling is my number one which will be appearing on the Yorkshire Burrito menu shortly.

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How do you make the best crackling for roast pork?

Make sure your crackling is dry, leaving it out for a little bit and pouring boiling water over the top to shrink the skin, then pat dry, oil and salt on it and then in a nice high oven at first before turning it down.

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How do you make your roast potatoes?

The best roast potatoes for me have lots of garlic and rosemary. I parboil until the potatoes almost fall apart. I tend to use lard as it gets really hot and gives a good crust to the potatoes, or beef dripping or goose fat – just stay away from olive oil as it doesn't get hot enough.

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How do you make the gravy that you dip your Yorkshire burritos into?

Our Yorkshire pudding wraps come with little gravy dipping pots. It’s a mega gravy, so you get all your cooking juices from the chicken and the beef so there’s a lot of red wine, a lot of white wine, and garlic going on in there.

The key to proper gravy is reducing the liquid down a lot, so don't season up your gravy too much before, it’s best to do gradually while the juices intensify. Make sure you get all the sticky bits off the bottom of your pan as that's where all the flavour is.

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Look out for Yorkshire Burrito at Street Food Union Market in Soho.

Yorkshire Burrito Henry Preen Yorkshire Pudding Wraps


Listen to our interview with Henry about Yorkshire Burrito on our podcast here...


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