What can you do with matcha? Our guide plus two brilliant recipes

Matcha - powdered green tea with a bitter, chalky and chlorophyll flavour - is the Marmite of the tea world. Complex and quite powerful as a flavour, it suits sweet recipes especially well, particularly baking, where it adds a savoury, grassy note.

A quick surf through the blogosphere throws up all sorts of uses for matcha and, of course, high-end bakeries have taken to its fabulous colour with alacrity. It’s trending at the moment as matcha doughnuts, macarons and cupcakes. On the savoury front, matcha salt – a mix of sea salt and matcha powder – makes a new sprinkle for poached, boiled or fried eggs; try adding it to a martini for a slightly bitter twist.


Matcha (said Mah-cha) is made from finely powdered whole green tea leaves. Vibrantly grass green in colour it has an earthy, bitter flavour, grassy with an undertone of tea and a hit of sweetness. The production of matcha, from whole leaves grown in shade to encourage their production of chlorophyll and amino acids is expensive and the powder doesn’t come cheap, though you only need a little for each recipe.

Drinking matcha is a ceremonial affair; it isn’t just a cup of tea, more of a spiritual experience and requires the right accoutrements including a matcha bowl and bamboo whisk. Cooking with it is a good deal simpler, especially when baking and you can buy culinary grade matcha just for this purpose. You can buy matcha for cooking at matchateafactory.com and tombotea.com.

The simplest way to begin using matcha is as a flavouring, think of it as a spice like vanilla or cinnamon. Try it as an ice cream flavouring either by softening some bought vanilla ice cream and beating in 2 tbsp per 500ml, or by making a matcha milk shake with 1 tbsp matcha, 250ml whole or almond milk and sugar or honey to sweeten it. Serve over ice cubes or crush them into the mix in a blender. If you want to try using it for baking try these two recipes.

Matcha cupcakes

Matcha cupcakes are a trending flavour at the moment, matcha is ground green tea and we’ve also seen it being used in doughnuts, snow cones and green tea ice cream. Try our easy recipe with a white chocolate melting middle. 

Matcha and almond loaf cakes

On-trend matcha green tea makes a fantastic baking flavour, particularly when matched with almond, learn to use it by making this easy recipe for matcha and almond loaf cakes. Make one large cake or eight little o

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