Best ever pistachio recipes

Add a little crunch to dinner with our best pistachio recipes. Whether it's adding texture to a creamy pasta sauce or scattering over a salad, we've got six ways to make the most of these lovely nuts

Fig, goat’s cheese and pistachio salad

This low-calorie, flavour-packed salad would be ideal as a dinner party starter or a light lunch. It’s an opportunity to try something a little different, using ingredients that aren’t as commonly used such as goat’s cheese, shallots and figs. The figs are stuffed with cheese, pistachios and shallots and served with salad. Scrumptious…


Salsa di pistacchi (pasta with pistachio sauce)

Enjoy a taste of Sicily with this divine pasta dish. The pistachios are toasted (which really enhances their flavour) and are combined with the shallots and parmesan to make the sauce. Then simply stir into your cooked pasta. It’s a perfect dish for when you’ve had a long day and just want something easy yet delicious to eat.

Griddled nectarines with frozen yogurt and honeyed pistachios

Try this delicious peach dessert for a convenient and low-calorie treat. The recipe is ideal for four people or a colourful date night dessert. The nectarines are slightly charred on the griddle, which really brings out their aroma and sweetness. The sauce consists of honey, vanilla and toasted pistachios. Garnish with mint leaves and you’ve just created a colourful medley of luscious flavours.

Courgetti, pea and artichoke salad with pistachio pesto

For a really flavoursome salad, this courgetti, pea and artichoke version is the way to go. The pesto is made with basil leaves, garlic, lemon juice and oil and is mixed in with the vegetables to create a healthy and appetizing dish.

Rhubarb, pistachio and soured cream cake

Now here’s a cake with some really interesting ingredients. The preparation is really simple and the results are golden slices of deliciousness. The sour cream and slightly tart rhubarb creates an added taste dimension to this cake. You can enjoy it plain with a cuppa or with more soured cream spread on.

Milk chocolate and pistachio truffles

These truffles are really simple to make and could be an ideal edible gift for friends and family. They have a beautifully rich and chocolatey flavour coupled together with vanilla and chopped pistachios. Serve with coffee or keep them tucked away in the back of the fridge for that secret treat later!

Written by Marcia Oram

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