Best Ham Recipes and Gammon Recipes

Christmas ham recipes and ‘anything but turkey’

Check out our best Christmas ham recipes and other roasts for 'anything but turkey'. We have recipes for festive mains including spiced maple-glazed ham, roast goose, duck with plums as well as pork and salmon. All great alternatives for Christmas dinner

Try our Christmas ham recipes and other Christmas roasts. In case you don’t fancy turkey this Christmas, we have roast ham, roast goose, guinea fowl and more


Our Christmas ham recipes are easy to make, from Maryland stuffed ham to sticky pomegranate glazed ham. We also have some fab duck recipes, including one of Dan Doherty’s epic duck ideas, and plenty more poultry roasts for Christmas – capon, goose and classic roast chicken.

Choose from our foolproof recipes for Christmas turkey alternatives. We also have a selection of show-stopping vegetarian centrepieces for the festive season here.

Christmas ham recipes

Glazed Christmas ham with pineapple relish

This ham can be scaled up or down in size – just use the calculations in the recipe. Rather than the fuss of boiling then baking, we prefer to tent the ham with foil and bake in its own juices before glazing, why not try this to go alongside your Christmas Day turkey.

Glazed Gammon with Pineapple Relish

Maryland ham recipe

Want an impressive ham recipe for your Boxing Day buffet? Check out this unusual brined ham with a piquant mix of spiced greens recipe. Not only does this cut through the rich meat beautifully, but it looks great on the plate. The glaze is less traditional (and optional) but will give the ham a nice finish.

Maryland Stuffed Ham Recipe

Glazed gammon for Christmas recipe

Looking for a moreish ham recipe to impress your guests this Christmas? Try our cider-braised gammon with a sweet brown sugar glaze to serve alongside your turkey and trimmings. Check out our Christmas trimmings recipes here.

Gammon in Cider Recipe with Brown Sugar Ham Glaze

Slow-cooker Christmas gammon in cider

Try this hassle-free centrepiece for an impressive festive lunch. Put the ingredients into a slow cooker and leave for four hours, then glaze for a sticky-sweet finish.

Easy Slow Cooker Gammon Recipe

Christmas ham recipe with pomegranate

A brilliant alternative to turkey, goose and lamb on Christmas Day. Or something for Boxing Day, if you’ve run out of meat by then! The aromas while cooking this ham are sensational; leave the kitchen door open so that everyone can enjoy it. Serve alongside our super crispy roasties.

Sweet And Sour Sticky Pomegranate Ham Recipe

Christmas ham joint with almond crust

Sherry, figs and almonds make this ham a great alternative for turkey on Christmas Day. Serve with roast potatoes or with brioche buns to stuff thick slices into for you boxing day feast.

Ham With Pedro Ximenez, Fig And Almond Crust Recipe

Baked ham recipe with glaze

Our glazed baked ham recipe is inspired by the classic Italian negroni cocktail. The spices infuse the meat for a fragrant flavour and the glaze gives a sweet, boozy hit. This ham works really well for a Sunday roast centrepiece or for an easy Christmas lunch.

Baked ham with a negroni glaze recipe

Maple glazed ham for Christmas

This recipe for spiced maple-glazed ham screams Christmas to us. Simmering the ham keeps the meat incredibly juicy, but if you’d rather bake it you can do the first part of cooking in the oven. Check out our best Christmas veggie side recipes to serve with your Christmas ham.

Spiced Maple-Glazed Ham Recipe

Roast duck recipes for Christmas and other poultry

Roast duck recipe with potato cake and watercress salad

Get the family over at Christmas and serve up a feast of juicy roast duck and duck fat potatoes.

Roast Duck Recipe with Layered Potato Cake and Watercress Salad

Christmas duck recipe with crispy potatoes

Check out our indulgent roast duck legs with super crispy potatoes and spiced cherry sauce. You can scale this up or down, with one leg and 200-250g of potatoes per person.

Duck Leg Recipes with Potatoes

Christmas roast duck recipe with plums

With crispy skin and melt-in-the-mouth duck served with rich plums, this recipe with star anise makes for a perfect Sunday roast or try making it for Christmas lunch. Discover our best plum recipes here.

Roast Duck with Plum Sauce Recipe

Festive duck recipe with dumplings

Looking for an impressive alternative to your turkey this Christmas? This recipe from Dan Doherty is a great alternative to you usual Sunday roast. The lavender honey is subtly floral but not overpowering, and is used as a glaze. The dumplings, resembling a light gnocchi, are a lighter alternative to traditional roast potatoes.

Dan Doherty's duck with lavender honey, and spinach, ricotta and pine nut dumplings recipe

Slow-roast duck with tamarind

This tender and sticky duck serves four and would make for a great centre piece for a Christmas party. Get everyone involved and carve this one on the table before you serve it up with basmati rice and pak choy as a Christmas dinner alternative. More duck recipes here.

Slow Roast Duck With Sweet Tamarind Recipe

Slow cooked roast duck recipe with fennel and pancetta

Our slow-cooked duck is meltingly tender and full of flavour from the Italian fennel and pancetta. It takes a while in the oven but the prep is so easy and you can put your feet up and relax with your guests on on Christmas day. Check out our best Italian dinner party recipes here.

Duck cooked like a pig recipe

Roast partridge with barley and roots salad

Need an impressive centrepiece for your Christmas feast? Chef Mark Lloyd nestles whole partridges in a warm barley base for an easy recipe to cook game at home.

Roast Partridge Recipe with Pears and a Barley and Roots Salad

One-pot chicken with dates and caramelised lemon

Jammy lemons and plump roasted dates are cooked with this chicken for an easy yet alternative whole chicken dish perfect for an easy christmas turkey alterntaive.

One Pot Chicken Recipe with Lemon and Dates

Roast chicken with kiev butter

Thinking of serving up chicken instead of turkey this Christmas? Smother a whole chicken in garlicky, lemony butter and roast for an easy, flavour-packed festive family meal.

Baked Chicken Kiev For an Easy Roast Chicken Recipe

Christmas capon recipe with roasted vegetables

Capon, large chicken, is a really special meat to cook over the festive season. The spiced mead gives Ben Spalding’s show stopping recipe a wintery edge. Serve with roasted carrots, sprouts and croutons.

Capon cooked in spiced mead wine with roasted carrots, sprouts and croutons

Roast goose recipe with roasted root vegetables

Try goose as a delicious alternative to turkey for Christmas Day this year. Follow this foolproof guide to make a perfect plate of goose, parsnips, swede, apple sauce and gravy.

Roast goose with roast winter vegetables, apple sauce and gravy recipe

Roast goose recipe with madeira gravy

Our roast goose is delicious with madeira gravy and makes a great alternative to turkey to serve guests at your Christmas day feast . It’s also easier than you might think.

Roast Goose With Madeira Gravy Recipe

Roast chicken recipe with garlic croutons

Everyone loves a Sunday roast, and this roast chicken with garlic and thyme croutons makes it even better. Big chunky pieces of sourdough make a trivet for roast chicken and soak up all the delicious juices while it cooks, a great alternative to have alongside your traditional turkey on Christmas day.

Roast chicken with garlic and thyme croutons recipe

Other Christmas roasts recipes

Salmon with crispy spuds and zhoug

Perk up your party buffet with this punchy side of salmon served with crispy potatoes, perfect for entertaining over the festive season.

Salmon with Zhoug Recipe and Crispy Potatoes

Herb-stuffed rolled lamb breast

Roll this great-value cut of lamb with mustard and herbs then bake until soft and tender so it falls apart into the white wine onion gravy, an easy yet flavour packed festive centrepiece.

Rolled Lamb Breast Recipe Stuffed with Herbs

Christmas roast pork with apple stuffing

Looking for a hearty centrepiece to serve friends and family over the festive season? Check out our impressive pork shoulder hog roast with easy spiced apple stuffing. You’ll need butcher’s string to tie this up – if you get your pork from a butcher ask for some string when you buy it.

Stuffed Pork Shoulder Recipe

Baked salmon Christmas recipe with brown shrimp butter

Want an impressive alternative main to serve alongside turkey this Christmas? Check out our roast salmon with a crunchy herb crust and buttery new potatoes.

Herb Crusted Salmon Recipe with New Potatoes

Christmas brisket recipe with gravy

Slow cooking brisket in stock and aromatics produces tender meat and a rich gravy, an easy Christmas roast alternative.

Beef Brisket Recipe with Gravy

Fillet of beef recipe for Christmas with chestnuts

This recipe for beef fillet with spiced pears and chestnut pickle is easy to make but offers something a little bit different during the colder months. Make this as an alternative for Christmas dinner this year. More beef recipes here.

Beef Fillet Recipe With Spiced Pears and Chestnut Pickle Recipe

Stuffed pork belly with ‘nduja

’Ndjua is a spicy spreadable salami from Calabria and it adds a special twist to Tom Adams’ pork belly recipe. This festive recipe is worth the effort.

Rolled Pork Belly Stuffed With Nduja Recipe

Christmas baked salmon with carrot salad

Christmas is a time when sides of salmon can often be picked up on special offer. In any case cooking a whole side is much cheaper than buying 8 separate pieces. Check out our best salmon recipes here.

Sumac and olive oil-roasted salmon with spiced carrot salad recipe