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10 ingenious ways to build a better burger

Published: February 19, 2015 at 11:27 am

We all love that meat-in-a-bun combo, but do you know how to get the most out of your burger? From pickled onion rings to beetroot and chorizo jam, we've come up with 10 excellent ways to pimp-up your burger.

Add beetroot to your burger

Apero restaurant’s ‘unbeetable burger’ is a delicious mash-up by beet-loving head chef Chris Golding – he even has a beetroot tattoo.


Adding beetroot to a burger creates a really juicy patty, and works well with a horseradish-spiked mayo, and peppery watercress. Add slices of pickled beet to the top of your burger, or keep it simple with more cooked slices. Here’s our homage to a great combination.

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Pickled onion rings

Whether you serve them with or in your burger (the old squash-the-whole-thing-down and hope for the best!), onion rings have always been a pleasing addition to a burger. But we’re mixing it up, and making a mishmash of pickles and onion rings in this genius combo.

Steeped in pickling spices for at least three hours and then beer battered, these onion rings are perfect with classic cheese burgers, or buttermilk chicken breast burger. BBQ sauce optional.

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‘Shroom burger

Trippin’ heck – a vegetarian burger that’s BETTER than its beef competitor? You wont believe it until you’ve tried it. Two flat mushrooms, stuffed with smoky paprika, thyme and tomato breadcrumbs to soak up the mushroom juices. This is as addictive as any other burger we’ve tried. Add cheese at your own risk, this is serious stuff.

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The Mexican

This is all about the toppings – guacamole, soured cream and fresh tomato salsa. Make your own, for a pimped-up burger special, or add dollops of store-bought, with slices of pickled green chilli and a few coriander leaves if you’re in a rush.


garlic 1⁄2 clove, chopped

coriander chopped to make 1 tbsp

green chilli 1, seeded and chopped

avocados 2 large, ripe

lime 1, juiced


plum tomatoes 3, seeded and diced

pickled jalapeños 4 tbsp, diced

red onion 1 large, finely diced

coriander a small bunch, chopped

limes 2, juiced

chipotle Tabasco sauce or chipotle paste 2 tbsp

For the guacamole, crush the garlic, coriander, chilli and some salt with a mortar and pestle. Add the avocados and lime juice. Crush everything together and scrape into a bowl. Mix the salsa ingredients in another bowl and season.

Blue cheese and caramelised red onions

Salty, earthy blue cheese with sweet, sticky onions… a match made in heaven. Put this on a burger and you’ve got the holy trinity.

Crumble 20g Stilton over your burger and add a generous helping of slow cooked red onions, cooked with a splash of balsamic and a sprig of thyme until sticky and dark golden brown. Brioche bun is a must-have in this version!

Tahini yoghurt and griddled courgette

Mix 4 tbsp Greek yoghurt with 1 tbsp tahini and a squeeze of lemon, and smother into burger buns with your favourite patty (lamb works really well). Top with charred courgette strips and roast red pepper. Mediterranean sunshine in a bun!

Double cheese double burger

Stack juicy beef patties, melty Swiss cheese and a spicy green chilli relish, then repeat. Nothing like the spicy, char and cheesy combo to put a smile on your face. This works well with crusty burger buns and good quality beef mince. The Dijon in the mix acts as a binder, but also adds loads of flavour.

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Fried egg and chilli sauce

Nothing says ‘brinner’ (breakfast for dinner) like a fried egg. And you can’t have a fried egg without a good dollop of chilli sauce. We like sriracha in this burger, neat, or mixed with equal parts of mayo for less of a kick. Add plenty of baby spinach leaves and a good grinding of black pepper with a runny crispy-edged fried egg.

Wasabi-spiked burgers with picked relish

Fiery wasabi-spiked beef burgers, topped with crunchy pickled carrot, radish and cucumber and a wasabi and jalapeno mayo. This is a ‘clean’ tasting burger but with loads of flavour. Match the crunchy pickles with a crusty bun, add the pepperiness of the rocket and you’ve got yourself a weeknight family favourite.

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Chorizo jam

This chorizo jam kicks bacon out of the pig sty (sorry). Treacly, rich, spicy, smoky and salty. There’s so much going on in this recipe, and we love the intensity it gives to a burger. Pile high with rocket leaves, red onion and tomato slices, and a good dollop of jam. Then be thankful there’s some left to spread on you cheese sandwiches tomorrow.

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