What is ghee and where can you buy it?

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Discover what ghee is, where to shop for it, and how to use it in our ingredient glossary

What is ghee?

Ghee is a form of clarified butter originating in India. It is made by gently simmering butter to remove all water and impurities but, unlike classic clarified butter, the solids are allowed to caramelise slightly, giving a nutty flavour. This process means it has a high smoke point and long shelf life, so is great for cooking and frying.


Where to buy ghee

East End Pure Butter Ghee, £4.65/500g, Waitrose

Happy Butter Organic Artisan Ghee, £8.59/300g, Amazon

Ghee recipes

Ghee-roasted spiced roots

These roasted roots make for a great gluten-free dinner party side. Ghee can be used in place of butter or oil in any recipe.

Roasted Vegetables Recipe with Ghee

Cheese naan

Not strictly authentic, but we love cheese naan bread. This recipe takes it to the next level, using two different cheeses and adding a kick of chilli.

Cheese Naan Bread Recipe

Spiced potato rostïs

Potato rösti is traditionally a Swiss breakfast dish, but here Sabrina Ghayour takes us through her twist using mustard seeds, chilli flakes and fenugreek. These spices give this recipe a real punchy flavour and perfectly accompany your soft boiled eggs. Whats more, it’s low cal.

Spiced Potato Rosti