Kombucha Tea Recipes

What is kombucha and where can you buy it?

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Discover what kombucha is, where to shop for it, and how to use it in our ingredient glossary

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, sweetened tea that is said to originate in central Asia. The classic flavour is subtly sour, but it’s often infused with fruit juices and can be still or sparkling. It can be drunk on its own or mixed into cocktails. Like most fermented foods, it’s thought to benefit the gut.


Where to buy kombucha

Biona Organic Kombucha Original, £17.94/330ml x 6, Amazon

Equinox Kombucha Raspberry and Elderflower, £1.80/275ml, Waitrose

Kombucha recipes

How to make kombucha

With our easy tips and tricks and some fruity flavoured recipes, learn how to make this delicious fermented drink at home.

Kombucha Tea Recipes

Kombucha mule

Top up this refreshing vodka cocktail with funky kombucha for a zingy drink.

Kombucha Mule Cocktail

Who makes the best kombucha?

Craving a kombucha but don’t know where to start? Let the experts guide you into the world of funky flavour and gut-friendly ingredients, with the results from our blind taste test of the country’s finest.

A line up of kombucha bottles