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Best vegetarian meal kits and recipe boxes

Prepare dishes from the UK's best vegan and vegetarian restaurants, including Middle Eastern feasts, plant-based burgers, tofu ramen and more

Looking for vegan takeaways? Want the best vegetarian restaurant delivery? Check out our favourites below then try more restaurant meal kits.


Vegan doner gyros, £19.95 for two people, What the Pitta!

Think that doner kebabs are reserved strictly for late-night, post-drink feasting? Think again. Vegan kebab joint What the Pitta has launched a DIY plant-based kebab kit, including vegan doner ‘meat’ (convincing in both texture and flavour); homemade tzatziki and chilli sauce; red onions with sumac and pomegranate molasses; tomatoes; and delightfully pillowy gyro pittas. There’s very little cooking involved – just heat through the doner in a frying pan – and gyro assembly is easy, although there is a link to an online recipe tutorial if you get stuck. The finished result is very hearty (think two big stuffed pittas per person) and deliciously, messily satisfying to eat. You can add in a couple of vegan baklava to the order for pudding, but we bet you won’t have room. Kits are released for sale in limited batches every Sunday.


Vegetarian Middle Eastern meze, £42 for two people, Arabica

The ultimate colourful feast of flavours for a special night in. Heating up components in the oven and adding a drizzle of olive oil is the most taxing part of this super simple kit. Stuff pillowy-soft flatbreads with silky hummus, hot zhug garnish, crunchy pickles, zingy tabbouleh and chunky spinach kibbeh. Everything you need is provided, including a pot of olive oil and crunchy dukkah topping. The portions are decidedly generous – we polished ours of for lunch the next day. The star dishes were definitely the charred butternut squash with nutty tahini dressing and vegetable magloubeh, a fragrant rice dish with roasted cauliflower and aubergine. This mouthwatering collection of dishes is perfect for a special occasion when you really want to push the boat out.

DIY vegan ramen kit, £24 for two people, Shoryu

Want to warm up from the inside out? Serve up a hearty bowl of ramen noodle soup in 10-15 minutes with this comforting vegan kit. Be prepared for generous bowlfuls, brimming with umami flavours, plenty of texture and shoryu’s all-important original hosomen noodles. The kits themselves are simple enough that even budding cooks won’t be intimidated. With minimal prep, some light veg slicing and gently simmering miso stock, minimal input is required to create a wholesome meal. We loved the combination of crunchy bamboo shoots, perfectly cooked noodles and filling fried tofu. Toppings are included, but Shoryu recommends adding and customising with your favourite flavours, e.g. nori sheets or pickled ginger.

Shoryu ramen in bowl

Bubala mixed meze, £50 for two people, Bubala

If you’re looking for a vibrant veggie spread to brighten up a dreary night in, Bubala’s meze selection is a sure-fire winner. Come to the table hungry for generous servings of classics like creamy hummus, pickles and potato latkes, along with a few more unusual pairings like crispy halloumi with black seed honey. Choose to tuck into cold dishes first or serve everything together for an impressive-looking substantial DIY dinner for two. You won’t find any meaty substitutes, just veggies put centre stage. Round off your meal with a touch of sweetness in the form of a salted caramel truffle or two.

Vegan curry feast, £36, serves 2, Kolamba

Take your standard weekend indulgence up a notch and bring the heat with a selection of delicious Sri Lankan curries with all the accompaniments that make up a true feast. Simply heat up your four veg-packed curries and cook your aromatic basmati rice to pull the meal together. The fiery star curry with tender chunks of young jackfruit, combined with the cooler beetroot curry, comforting dhal and creamy green bean mix, makes for a super satisfying combination of textures, flavours and spice levels. Add an extra kick to your plate with a spoonful of coconut chilli sambol, or add a spoonful of sweetness with the sticky and citrussy date and lime chutney. It serves two generously and you won’t be left wanting. For £36, it’s the ideal weekend banquet.

Celeriac shawarma, £38 for two people, ROVI

This vegetarian kit is a true taste of ROVI, Ottolenghi’s Fitzrovia restaurant that has vegetables, fermentation and fire at its heart. The shawarmas are simple to assemble. Snack on the spiced nuts mix while you roast the celeriac, warm through your homemade fluffy pitas and stir your slow-cooked bkelia in a saucepan. There are two serving options – build individual pitas with the range of toppings, or put everything in little bowls and serve as a meze spread, using the pitas to dip. We opted for the former, piling the fluffy pita pockets high with creamy, earthy celeriac coated in subtle shawarma spices and topping with the slow-cooked spinach bkelia, crispy onions, pickled celeriac and fermented tomato and chilli sauce. A lively kale and radish salad comes with a punchy yogurt and ginger dressing.

Rovi Meal Kit Celeriac Shawarma

Libertine #111 vegan DIY kit, £23, makes 4 burgers

Craving a classic burger with all your favourite toppings? Pair Libertine’s signature plant-based patty with a fluffy brioche bun, vegan cheese, punchy pickles, ketchup and mustard. The best traditional dishes are the ones that keep it simple, and that’s certainly true of this all-inclusive burger kit. All the cooking instructions are included, nothing more complicated than toasting your bun and frying your patties for around 4 minutes on each side. This kit would be ideal for a family night in, just don’t forget to bring the fries. The juicy burgers are laced with chopped onion for an extra dose of flavour.

Vegan feasting box, £75, feeds two generously, Norma

Eat well and make the most of seasonal veg with this hearty vegan feasting box from contemporary Sicilian restaurant, Norma. The kit features eight dishes and will feed two generously, we even had a portion of roasted beetroots, carrots and braised aubergines for lunch the next day. From fluffy focaccia and olives to start, to simple but delicious tomato and garlic spaghetti and chunky slices of sweet and sour pumpkin, this extensive supper feels enjoyably wholesome. The QR code will take you through to step-by-step instructions for each dish, most of which just require heating up and sprinkling with the provided garnish. No dish takes more than 15 minutes to prep and plate up. The box also includes a bottle of San Marzano negroamaro, a deliciously full-bodied but well-balanced red to pair with your Italian banquet.

Dirty vegan, Vegan chilli cheeseburger, £32, feeds two, Dirty Bones

If chilli cheeseburgers complete with skinny fries and a cocktail of your choice sounds like your perfect night in, then the Dirty Vegan kit is for you. This kit is great for those who like a little spice with their burger. Pile on the pickled jalapenos, the zingy chilli dressing with a generous spoonful of creamy burger relish and a crunchy gherkin. The shoestring fries crisp up quickly in the oven so be sure to keep an eye on them while you prep your plant-based patties, which cook in minutes. This kit doesn’t skimp on the home comforts we’re craving from a boss burger, and the main meal can be served up in around 20 minutes.

Tofu pad Thai, £40 forfour people, Rosa’s Café

This substantial meal kit stuffed with satisfying pad Thai noodles is the perfect family Friday night fakeaway. The heaping bowls of fried tofu, crunchy beansprouts, al dente rice noodles and fresh veg makes for a filling supper. A tub of Rosa’s all-important pad Thai sauce is included, a lip-smacking mix of sweet and sour tamarind flavours. Customers will need an egg to complete the dish, but other than some veg chopping and noodle stirring, the cooking is largely taken care of already. No need to worry about stingy portion sizes, we piled our bowls high. There’s also a handy cook-along video for some extra guidance while you’re prepping your Thai masterpiece.

Vegan burger DIY kit, £18 for two people, Honest Burgers

This easy to assemble vegan burger box has all the trimmings and fixings to satisfy veggies and carnivores alike. The chunky plant-based patties are designed to mimic their meaty counterparts, right down to the juicy texture and satisfying flavour. Just add your own lettuce (it doesn’t travel well) to make a superb stack of sweet and spicy mustard, crunchy pickles, melty ‘gouda’ cheese and smoky chipotle ‘mayo’. Toss your own homemade fries in their signature rosemary salt for the final finishing touch to your boxed burger kit. The patties themselves are cooked in a flash, so prep your veg in advance, everything can be plated up in around 10 minutes. We especially appreciated the addition of the extra sauces that make a boss burger.

Vegan box, £75, serves four people, Gauthier

Chef Alexis Gauthier describes this plant-based menu as a ‘patchwork of seasonal ingredients’. Enjoy a variety of well-balanced dishes – a creamy Thai red curry laced with a subtle heat and a hearty bean stew and delicate kohlrabi carpaccio makes this a restaurant-quality blow-out meal you can dish up at home. All the courses are easy and quick to prepare, it’s just a question of heating and plating up with the accompanying final flourishes. Top off a medley of flavours with a boozy rum & pineapple financier, with rum-laced cream to dollop on top. The Gauthier team are aware it’s a chunky haul, so everything is freezable and will last three days in the fridge if you want more time to work your way through the menu. There’s also an option to add a wine pairing of two bottles selected from their wine list.


Vegan burgers, £18.95 for two people, The Vurger Co

This fast-food joint is a contender for London’s best vegan food. Now you can make one of its signature stacks, the New York melt, at home. Each kit feeds two and includes vegan brioche buns, Beyond Burger patties, vegan cheese, lettuce, gherkins, tomato, a jar of The Vurger Co’s house burger sauce, and fries. The Vurger Co outlets in Shoreditch, Canary Wharf and Brighton are currently open for takeout.

Meal Kit Vurger Co