Individual Beef Wellington Recipe

Best beef wellington recipes

Check out our guide to the best beef wellington recipes here, plus expert tips to create the perfect beef wellington for a special occasion or a Sunday lunch

Looking for beef wellington recipes? Here’s how to make beef wellington plus some of our best recipes, including venison beef wellington, mini beef wellingtons and vegetarian wellington. 


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What kind of meat do you use for beef wellington?

Beef wellington is classically made with fillet steak, as this is a very lean cut of meat. As it’s being cooked inside a pastry case, a cut with too much fat wouldn’t render and could be tough and fatty. The leanness of fillet means that the slower cooking will give you a tender piece of meat.

How do I cook a beef wellington?

Start by searing your steak on all sides in a hot pan. This is the only caramelisation the steak will get, so this will ensure a more delicious wellington. Remove from the pan and cook finely chopped shallots and finely chopped mushrooms until all of their water has been released and evaporated, and the mix is very dry – this is known as a ‘farce’. Cool this completely.

Roll out your puff pastry, lay out some slices of parma ham and then add a layer of mushroom farce, then your steak. Wrap the farce all the way around, and then encase completely in parma ham and puff pastry. Lightly score the pastry with the back of a knife, just for decoration and brush really well with beaten egg. Cook at 200C/fan 180C/gas 6 – different fillet/steak sizes will require different timings.

Tips for making beef wellington

Chill your wellingtons before cooking. Cold pastry, filling and steak will ensure you get the best results – your steak is more likely to be medium rare when cooking from cold, as it will take longer to overcook. Pastry is always better cooked from chilled, this will ensure crisp pastry.

Traditionally wellingtons were wrapped in a thin pancake instead of parma ham. This acts like a thin sponge, to soak up any juices that leak out when cooking or resting, so there’s no chance of a soggy bottom. Swap in thin pancakes instead of parma ham for extra security.

Rest the wellington well. If it’s cut into too soon, juice from the meat will flood out and soak straight into your pastry.

Individual beef wellington recipe

These mini beef wellingtons are packed with beef and mushrooms and made easy with shop-bought puff pastry. Ready in 45 minutes these not-too-tricky individual wellingtons make for a great main dish at your next festive dinner party with friends. More dinner party main recipes here.

Venison wellington recipe

Looking for a show-stopping festive main dish? This recipe for venison wellington is a great twist on a classic British favourite. It takes a little while but is easy to make and impressive enough to serve to guests over the festive season.

Vegan wellington recipe

Looking for a veggie showstopper recipe to serve your vegan guests this Christmas? Check out our impressive vegan wellington packed with roasted red peppers, cooked beetroot and kale. Plus, we’ve made a vegan stuffing and glazed the pastry in marmite to take this wellington to the next level. Discover more vegan recipes here.

Vegan Wellington Recipe

Classic beef wellington recipe

Want an impressive New Year’s Eve dinner party main? Try our classic beef wellington recipe. This crowd-pleasing dinner-party dish is packed with a super-soft fillet of beef wrapped in Parma ham, porcini, chicken liver pâté, and shallots all encased in crispy puff pastry. Check out more of our puff pastry recipes here.

Vegetarian beef wellington recipe

Impress loved ones this Christmas season with our stunning veggie beef wellington recipe. This veggie wellington is packed with big bold flavours and looks impressive – the perfect vegetarian Christmas or New Year dish. Try one of our other vegetarian entertaining recipes here

Mini wellington recipe with parsnip purée

This mini-venison wellington makes the perfect meal if there are only two of you eating Christmas or New Year’s dinner, and you don’t want to roast a big turkey or joint of meat but still want to serve something really special. Want more alternative Christmas day mains? Check out our other recipes here including a glazed Christmas ham recipe

Beef wellington recipe with mushroom duxelles

Serve guests our beef wellington with a twist this New Year’s Eve. Use Aberdeen Angus beef, as it has a lovely, buttery texture. The addition of truffle oil to the mushroom duxelles gives this dish a decadent taste. Serve with dauphinoise potatoes for an impressive dinner party main. Want more beef recipes? Check out our best ever recipes here

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