Salmon Yakitori Recipe with Stir-Fried Rice

Easy brown rice recipes

Make the most of brown rice with our simple recipes. Try making a filling stir-fry, a warming soup or a versatile side dish

Looking for the best rice recipes? Want to whip up an easy stir-fry or a simple side dish? See below to find out how to make the most of this grain.


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What is brown rice?

Brown rice is the same as white rice but each grain still retains the germ and bran, unlike the latter (hence why it’s also known as wholegrain rice). Brown rice is more nutritious than white, and has a nuttier taste. It also takes longer to cook, so bear that in mind when you’re planning meals.

Easy brown rice recipes

Hoisin-glazed tofu with stir-fried brown rice

This healthy tofu dish with stir-fried brown rice is really easy, vegetarian and under 500 calories. Try using a pack of ready-cooked brown rice to make it even easier.

Miso mackerel with chilli brown rice

Serve this quick Japanese-style mackerel with a brown rice side. Grilling is an easy way to cook oily fish and the miso-mirin marinade takes minutes to make.

Chorizo, broccoli and brown rice soup

This easy soup recipe uses chorizo, broccoli and brown rice to create a warm and hearty meal. It is easy to make and suitable for freezing if you want to make a big batch for later.

Salmon yakitori with stir-fried brown rice

This recipe for salmon yakitori with stir-fried brown rice is low-calorie, low-sugar and ready in under 30 minutes – perfect for a speedy midweek meal.