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Introducing coffee expert Celeste Wong

Published: September 9, 2021 at 10:24 am

We speak to our coffee expert Celeste Wong on all things coffee, including her most useful bit of kit, who inspires her and tips for those wanting to up their coffee game

Introducing our coffee expert, Celeste Wong, who has gained a stellar reputation in the coffee industry, regularly speaking at events and reviewing coffee-related gadgets. Check out her guides for how to become an overnight coffee expert, how to make pour-over coffee at home and which coffee beans to try


What got you into coffee?

The taste and the culture. The feeling of connection to an ever expanding world.

What do you love most about the coffee industry?

That it connects people from all walks of life!

What’s your greatest achievement in your coffee career?

Probably my interview web series. My barista/coffee background allowed me to take a risk and launch into an unknown and unconventional (at the time) career path which has lead me to so many more wonderful experiences. It's funny how the things we are most scared of or seem so unimaginable (for whatever reason) can become open doors to even greater opportunities and achievements.

Who in the coffee industry inspires you most?

Anyone who is trying to change and grow the industry. There are a few people out there who are well known like James Hoffmann or Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood who I highly respect and admire. But for me personally, Dumo Mathema has contributed to the specialty coffee industry in so many ways. He has been such a quiet and humble example of someone who not only has extensive knowledge and experience, but integrity and high values to boot! I love his attitude to coffee, always striving for better. I have enjoyed collaborating with him on my own coffee brand over the years, and he has become a close friend and personal mentor. A very inspiring dude!
Woman pouring coffee

What are you excited about right now in the coffee industry?

I'm excited about the upcoming London Coffee Festival in which I'm co-hosting the Coffee Masters championship. As for trends, I'm looking forward to seeing what winter coffee drinks will bring. I always love seeing (and sometimes contributing to) Baileys and coffee recipes. It's so festive!

What’s your favourite way to take coffee?

Filter coffee I prefer straight up black. Espresso-based coffee, I love a creamy flat white with oat milk these days!

What's your most useful bit of coffee kit?

Oh my gosh so many! A good coffee grinder and automatic brewer for those days I just want someone/something else to make it for me. And an AeroPress for travel!

A man in a grey shirt pouring coffee into an Aeropress

Which types of beans do you prefer?

I often really gravitate to Guatemalan coffees or naturally processed coffees. There's something about those light and floral notes that get me!

Do you have any tips for those wanting to up their coffee game at home?

Start using specialty coffee beans (if you don't already), get a good grinder and some accurate scales.

Where might we find you drinking coffee in the UK ?

For weekend coffee The Pavilion cafe in Victoria Park, or Crol & Co. Weekdays in the city: Rosslyn Coffee or Formative Coffee.

Almond croissant and coffee on a yellow table outside Pavillion

What makes your approach to coffee unique?

Hopefully there will be a good balance of technical know-how and knowledge combined with keeping it real and practical. I want people to be inspired and know that good coffee doesn't have to be complicated.

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