Best Meatball Recipes Melting-Middle Meatballs Recipe

Best ever meatballs recipes

Meatballs are always popular and a great family, budget dish. We have ten recipes for classic recipes and modern twists for meatballs (and a veggie recipe too!). Pork and sage meatballs, Italian baked meatballs, traditional smoky Spanish albondigas and even a turkey meatball sub, there are plenty to choose from.

Try our easy meatball recipes. We love meatballs, and we have everything from Swedish meatballs to Italian meatballs to Spanish meatballs.


Check out our quick and easy meatball ideas for midweek including our chicken meatball bowl and our Italian spaghetti and meatballs. Or go for some proper comfort food with our cheesy meatball and mozzarella pan bake or Sloppy Joe bake. There’s no doubt about it, we have the best meatball recipes around…

Pork and sage meatballs

Our easy-to-make meatballs flavoured with sage are really popular. Serve with orzo, the rice-shaped pasta and let everyone dig in.

Moroccan meatballs with herb couscous

We know you love this classic olive magazine recipe – it’s been one of our most popular recipes for years! Gorgeous little lamb meatballs, sitting in a rich tomato sauce and served with buttery coriander and parsley couscous.

Moroccan Meatballs Recipe With Herb Couscous

Turkey meatball subs with quick wedges

Fill bread rolls with meatballs for a speedy midweek meal. This easy sub recipe, made healthy with turkey mince is served with quick sweet potato wedges.

Turkey Meatball Sub Recipe With Wedges

Smoky albondigas

The best Spanish meatballs recipe: these albondigas are made with beef and pork mince and served in a quick, rich tomato sauce. Make for easy tapas, or part of a dinner-party menu.

Smoky Albondigas Spanish Meatballs Recipe

Meatballs with mash and lingonberry sauce

Lingonberries are a European relation of the cranberry, you can buy lingonberry sauce from Ikea or Scandelicious or use cranberry sauce instead.

Swedish Meatballs Recipe With Lingonberry Sauce

Meatballs with tomato and green olive sauce

Our most grown up meatballs, these are cooked in a rich tomato, garlic and olive sauce. Serve with pasta, rice or mash.

Easy Meatball Recipe With Tomato and Green Olive

Lentil ‘meatballs’ with fresh tomato sauce

Lentils are a great way to make a meal vegetarian. Swap these for your usual meatballs and your family will hardly notice the difference. Plus, they’re low-cal and ready in just 40 minutes – perfect midweek.


Italian baked meatballs

Meatballs baked in rich tomato sauce with a melting mozzarella topping – this recipe is all about comfort food. It’s also perfect for freezing, making it a great option for when you don’t want to cook mid-week.

Italian Baked Meatballs Recipe

Meatball and mozzarella pan bake

This easy meatball and mozzarella pan bake is a one-pot that will please everyone. You can’t plate this up politely, so just put it in the middle of the table.

Meatball and mozzarella pan bake

Italian spaghetti and meatballs 

This is a classic Italian staple that you can cook and eat now, or freeze for later. Just serve them simply with pasta for a delicious quick dinner during the week.

Baked pecorino and white pepper meatballs with sweet potato wedges

Try our baked pecorino and white pepper pork meatballs. This recipe comes served with chunky sweet potatoes, a quick and flavoursome midweek meal. White pepper gives a lovely fiery heat to these juicy meatballs. Use whole white peppercorns rather than the ready-ground white pepper, as the flavour is far superior.

Baked pecorino and white pepper meatballs with sweet potato wedges

Melting-middle meatballs

These melting-middle meatballs are a great twist on a classic to make for the family midweek. It’s bound to be a new favourite.

Melting-Middle Meatballs Recipe

Check out this easy sloppy joe meatball bake. This indulgent recipe is one for all the family to dive into, serve with buttered crusty bread to tuck into that cheesy goodness.

Fennel and pork meatballs with gremolata 

Make your meatballs that little bit more special with a gremolata topping, made from parsley, lemon and garlic. We love the creamy white wine sauce these porky balls come with  – make sure you have some crusty bread to mop it up.

Scandi meatball bake with cucumber salad

This Scandi meatball bake is perfect for sharing with family and friends. Drizzle with soured cream and serve with a homemade cucumber salad and some crusty bread. 

scandi meatballs

These meatballs are a firm favourite with us thanks to their smoky, spicy flavour. We like them served with avocado, warm orzo and soured cream but they also make a great tortilla filling.

Smoky Chipotle Meatballs Recipe

Tamarind pork meatballs with papaya salsa 

Check out our easy tamarind pork meatballs with a fresh papaya salsa. This simple gluten free recipe is packed with plenty of flavour, plus it’s low in calories. 

Tamarind pork meatballs with papaya salsa recipe

Lamb and dill meatballs with horitaki salad

Upgrade a standard Greek salad (horitaki salad) with delicious meatballs. It is quick and easy to make, gluten free and still under 500 calories. What more could you want?

Harissa chicken meatballs with bulgar

This recipe for harissa chicken meatballs with bulgar is quick, easy and healthy, but packs a flavour punch. It is delicious cold the next day – prepare for packed lunch envy.

Smoked lamb meatballs with sweet-sour harissa sauce

These meatballs have all the flavour dimensions – smoky meat is paired with sweet and sour harissa sauce, making this a wonderful mid-week supper. Using ready-made meatballs means it can be on the table in under 30 minutes without compromising at all on flavour.

Smoked Lamb Meatballs Recipe With Harissa Sauce

These pork and lemongrass meatballs are ready in just 30 minutes and are under 300 calories but are still packed full of flavour. The pickled cucumber helps to keep the flavours fresh and ties in the Asian influence, and the lettuce cups keep it healthy. Put them in a baguette for the ultimate banh mi!