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Flavourly beer subscription

Flavourly craft beer club review

Published: June 1, 2021 at 7:14 pm

Try something different with a Flavourly beer delivery – read our full review of their craft beer club

Flavourly's mission is to get people drinking better beer by making good beers easier to access, partnering with craft breweries to bring them to bigger audiences. As well the Beer Club, you can shop cases of beer online from their wide selection, and also stock up on spirits and wine.

The Beer Club delivers eight beers, a snack and Flavourly magazine for £19.90 every month. Choose between a light or mixed box depending on your preferences, and cancel any time. Our box included beers from Somerset-based Quantock Brewery and Edinburgh's Cold Town Beer, including a wheat ale made with hops from America, Germany and the UK for a blend of flavours. The standout beer of the box for us was the Edinburgh's Cold Town Darjeeling Table Beer – just 3.2% ABV, this tea-infused can was vibrant and fruity (initially designed to go with the brewer's afternoon tea!) and highly refreshing. The overall selection in the box was highly varied and packed with punchy flavours and unique styles we hadn't tried before. The packaging was simple and recyclable.

The subscription also includes a copy of Flavourly magazine, a nicely designed and interesting read with interviews with some of the breweries included in the box. This also included tasting notes on the beers of the month, including the suggested serving temperature for different styles.

The Flavourly beer club is a great way to stretch beyond your beer comfort zone, finding quirky new styles and flavours to try whilst supporting small craft producers, all for good value for money.


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