Gammon and Eggs Recipe With Watercress and Pea Salad

Gammon and egg with watercress and pea salad

  • serves 2
  • Easy

Gammon and egg is a classic combination. In this recipe, we've paired it with a fresh watercress and pea salad for a quick midweek meal that comes in under 500 calories.



  • frozen peas 100g, defrosted
  • red onion ½, very finely sliced
  • Dijon mustard 1 tsp
  • red wine vinegar 2 tsp
  • olive oil 1 tbsp
  • gammon steaks 2
  • eggs 2
  • watercress 2 handfuls


  • Step 1

    Put the peas and onion in a bowl. Whisk the mustard, vinegar and olive oil, season and toss with the peas and onion.

  • Step 2

    Chargrill the gammon on both sides, until cooked, about 3 minutes on each side. Fry or poach the eggs.

  • Step 3

    Add the watercress to the mixture in the bowl and toss everything together. Pile on plates with the gammon and fried or poached egg.

Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 433
  • Fat 25.4g
  • Saturates 7g
  • Carbs 7.2g
  • Fibre 4.6g
  • Protein 41.6g
  • Salt 5.8g