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Meatball stew with coriander chutney

Coriander recipes

Published: December 15, 2020 at 5:07 pm

Whether you have a glut of home-grown coriander or need some ideas for using up leftovers, our recipes will give you plenty of inspiration, from chutney to curry paste and herby hummus

Looking for coriander recipes? Have leftover fresh coriander that needs using up? From chutneys to soups and curries, our recipes provide plenty of inspiration. Next, try our fresh mint recipes.


When is coriander in season?

Coriander is available year-round and can be grown from spring to winter.

Coriander recipes

Coriander chutney

Blend coriander with chilli and garlic to turn it into a vibrant green chutney. It's great for dipping or drizzling over spicy stews or curries.

Meatball stew with coriander chutney

Carrot and coriander soup

One of the most popular coriander recipes! This leafy herb can be far more than just a garnish for a hearty soup. It gets chopped and stirred into this spiced carrot number, to really give it an extra aromatic edge.

Carrot and coriander soup with spicy flatbread croutons

Coriander chicken curry

Purée coriander with onion, ginger, garlic and chilli to make a fragrant curry paste. That's exactly what we do to make this chicken and coriander curry.

Coriander Chicken Curry

Coriander hummus

Whizz coriander up with chickpeas, garlic, tahini and lemon to make a herb-spiked hummus. This warm version is a treat with harissa cauliflower.

Roasted harissa cauliflower with warm coriander hummus and dukkah

Spiced pasta with coriander

Pasta isn't all about basil. Get coriander leaves involved with spiced pasta dishes like this clam and turmeric linguine.

Linguine with clams, turmeric and coriander

Coriander butter

Mash leftover fresh coriander into butter along with lemon zest to create the perfect steak topper.

coffee-rubbed steak with lemon coriander butter

Coriander and pea soup

Add coriander to your soup base and blend to create a vibrant green, fragrant summer soup – like this pea and coriander number.

pea and coriander soup

Coriander rice

Finely chop coriander leaves and mix through rice for a colourful and fragrant side dish to go with curry. This recipe for chicken and butternut curry with coriander and cumin rice will show you just how good it can be.

Chicken and butternut curry with cumin and coriander rice

Coriander noodle salad

Fresh coriander is a great addition to a salad. Here, it's tangled up in soba noodles with a hummus and peanut dressing.

Easy Soba Noodle Recipe with Hummus and Kale served on a dark metal dish on a dark blue table

Coriander-topped curry

A scattering of coriander leaves is the final flourish to any curry or spiced stew, adding colour and fresh flavour. Here it's used to fish an Indian-style prawn and black pepper curry.

Easy Prawn Curry Recipe with Black Pepper

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