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Five great reasons to try our new, easy-to-read mobile edition of olive magazine!

Published: March 23, 2018 at 9:01 am

Fans of olive will already know that there are lots of great ways to get your monthly fix but this month we’ve revamped our app to make the digital edition of the magazine easier and quicker to use.

5 reasons to try the new olive magazine app...


It’s made for mobile!

The new app has been redesigned in a slick, made-for-mobile format meaning reading olive on the go has never been better. Suitable for iPhones and iPads, in each carefully curated issue you can speedily scroll through our seasonal recipe collections, our latest expert restaurant recommendations, and travel guides.


Landscape mode for iPads!

You can now enjoy reading each digital issue of olive magazine, cover-to-cover, in landscape mode, ideal if you prefer to read on your iPad.


You can adjust the text size!

There is also a clever text adjust function, meaning you’re in charge of how every recipe and article is displayed and no more straining to read, even on smaller devices.


You can save your favourite recipes!

You can save all of your favourite recipes and features to come back to in one place with a simple tap of the new bookmark icon. Then, when you’re ready to sit down and enjoy them, simply open the bookmark folder in the main menu.


You can access old issues of olive!

Can’t get enough of the Baileys chocolate tiffin from December 2017? Planning your holiday to New Orleans and want to refer back to our 10 great reasons to visit in the August 2017 issue? All your favourite old issues are easily accessible in one place, plus if you’re a big magazine fan (and let’s face it, who isn’t) you can also buy any others that take your fancy, too, from Top Gear to BBC Gardener’s World.


You can now download the latest digital edition of olive magazine at https://www.buysubscriptions.com/digital/olive-digital-subscription.

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