Spinach Pancake Recipe with Smoked Salmon

Best ever savoury pancake recipes for Pancake Day

Savoury pancakes are a great solution for Pancake Day - start with one of these easy savoury pancake recipes then have a round of sweet pancakes for dessert - sorted!

Looking for savoury pancake recipes? The simplicity of a pancake batter provides the perfect base for a range of flavours, ingredients or cuisines; both sweet and savoury.


Here is our Shrove Tuesday guide to our favourite savoury pancake fillings and pancakes ranging in size, thickness and flavours from crepe to fritter, crispy duck pancakes to okonomiyaki. This is the ultimate collection of savoury pancakes, so try one for Pancake Day dinner. If you do want some sweet pancake inspiration, check out our guide, here 

Sweetcorn, feta and spring onion pancakes

The best savoury pancakes idea! Sabrina Ghayour, a British-Iranian chef, food writer and author, has developed this quick, easy and flavoursome savoury pancake recipe made with sweetcorn, feta and spring onion. A quirky yet delicious combination of salty and sweet flavours comes from the addition of bacon and maple syrup, resulting in a recipe perfect for an exciting pancake day brunch.

Sweetcorn, feta and spring onion pancakes

Potato and spring onion pancakes

Looking for an easy savoury pancake recipe? Check out these quick potato pancakes. We’ve used instant mash in this recipe making the pancakes super soft and smooth.

Here and Now Potato and Spring Pancakes

Crispy duck and peach pancakes

Who loves crispy duck pancakes? This twist on classic crispy duck pancakes is made with the addition of a tangy peach sauce and offers a great alternative to the classic Shrove Tuesday options. The duck, despite its longer marination and cooking time, is surprisingly simple in preparation requiring only a few ingredients to provide the renowned aromatic flavour. The perfect DIY pancake day take away!

Crispy duck and peach pancakes

Easy okonomiyaki

To stay on trend this pancake day, try these trendy Japanese savoury pancakes loaded with cabbage, prawns and bacon. These Japanese crepes have been popping up everywhere recently with their vibrant ingredients and flavours. This pancake recipe provides a simplified version you can make at home this Shrove Tuesday.

Duck with mole sauce and Peking-syle pancakes

Try this intriguing Chinese-Mexican hybrid recipe this pancake day. This Peking style pancake recipe may seem unusual however is extremely popular and common in America. These savoury pancakes pack a punch, with an aromatic and flavoursome mole sauce, whilst remaining extremely easy to make!

Duck with mole sauce and Peking-syle pancakes

Korean courgette pancakes with dipping sauce

This quirky savoury pancake dish is the perfect dinner party starter as it will look impressive when actually it could not be simpler. These courgette fritters are given a Korean-style makeover with an easy all-in-one Asian dipping sauce to spice up your Shrove Tuesday.

Spinach and feta chickpea pancakes

These savoury crepes make for a quick healthy and delicious pancake day lunch. This easy crepe recipe is also gluten free, using chickpea flour (also known as gram flour) which also provides more protein than other flours.

Spinach and feta chickpea pancakes

Green spinach pancakes with soured cream, smoked salmon and dill

Make something a bit different this Shrove Tuesday and try this vibrant spinach pancake recipe. These savoury pancakes work perfectly with smoked salmon, sour cream and dill or try it with grilled halloumi for a vegetarian alternative.

Spinach Pancake Recipe with Smoked Salmon

Sweetcorn pancakes with avocado salad

This simple pancake recipe is so easy to prepare and works perfectly as finger food in a Shrove Tuesday sharing platter or simply as a delicious low fat dinner. The subtle sweetness of these savoury pancakes is teamed with the fresh flavours of the avocado and cherry tomato salad.

Baked spinach and ricotta pancakes

This Shrove Tuesday twist on a classic Italian dish makes for a great alternative savoury pancake recipe. The use of ready-made-pancakes instead of pasta results in an easy and hassle free option for a pancake day dinner.

Baked Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

Japanese vegetable pancakes

These Japanese style savoury pancakes are packed with vegetables and served with a fiery dipping saucy resulting in a healthy yet flavoursome pancake recipe, perfect as an alternative pancake day meal.

Smoked salmon pancakes with lemon and caper crème fraîche

This savoury pancake recipe can be altered in size to make either a delicious pancake day brunch or a classy appetiser at a Shrove Tuesday gathering. These chive pancakes are teamed with smoked salmon, lemon, nonpareil capers and dill crème fraîche in resulting in an easy yet sophisticated pancake day recipe.

Peking duck pancakes

In this recipe, the savoury pancakes themselves almost act more as an enabler of the delicious Peking duck and accompaniments. This pancake recipe includes how to make traditional sweet and aromatic duck sauce from scratch, however warmed mango chutney would also do the tricky and provide more of a fruit twist. The preparation of the duck may take a little more time however results in a crispy skin and tender meat which is totally worth the wait!

Peking duck with pancakes

Sweetcorn fritters with roast tomatoes and chipotle butter

A delicious savoury pancake alternative comes in the form of a fritter. These little sweetcorn pancakes are served with roasted tomatoes and a homemade chipotle butter for a little kick! This fritter recipe would be perfect for Shrove Tuesday or simply as a quick and easy midweek meal.