Best ever guacamole recipes

Homemade guacamole is the ideal quick-fix for drinks parties or to go with Mexican food. We love guacamole in all its guises - so here are our top 7 recipes, including *two* very special pea guacamole recipes of our own, after the New York Times controversy ...

Spiced turkey burgers with pea guacamole

A  quick, healthy alternative to our favourite hamburger, this smoky chipotle turkey burger is served with an amazing guacamole made from peas – a great substitute for an unripe avocado! 


Picnic dip jars with pea guacamole

Not only are these snacks packed with flavour, but they’re also a great alternative to the usual picnic food. Simple and quick to prepare, the dip jars will become a family favourite in no time. These dips include a pea guacamole, we are supporting the NY Times on this one, no matter what Barack Obama says ;-)

Lime and chilli chicken sandwich with Greek yogurt guacamole

Quick chicken sandwich for one. Coat a chicken breast in a chilli-lime marinade, cook in a griddle pan and pop in a bun with guacamole, lettuce and tomato.

Black bean chilli with guacamole and garlic ciabatta

An incredibly quick vegetarian chilli, ready in 30 minutes for 4 people. It doesn’t call for any complicated ingredients – in fact, it’s all about tins for this recipe! Serve with guacamole and garlic ciabatta. 

Tex-Mex chicken with guacamole

Homemade fresh avocado guacamole brings a fresh taste to this Mexican chicken burger – perfect for an easy and tasty family BBQ. Add Tabasco for extra heat.

Mexican sweet potato bowl with guacamole

This Mexican sweet potato bowl with guacamole is a delicious, comforting bowl of veggie goodness. Pop into ASDA on your way home for a super easy supper ready in under an hour.

Ultimate grillable vegan burgers

With their full-on flavour and meaty texture, suitable for the grill, these completely vegan loaded burgers are an absolute must at any barbecue.

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