Chocolate Truffle Cake Recipe With Amaretto Cream

Easy gluten free cake recipes

Try our gluten-free bakes, from rich and indulgent chocolate truffle cake to a simple banana loaf and a stunning ginger celebration sponge

Looking for gluten free cake recipes? Want the best gluten free desserts? Don’t sacrifice texture, indulge in a slice of our best ever gluten free sponges. Try our ideas below, then check out our favourite gluten free baking recipes for even more sweet inspiration.


Easy gluten free cake recipes

Flourless chocolate truffle cake

This flourless chocolate cake is extremely smooth, with a similar consistency to a chocolate torte. The amaretto lifts the deep richness of the chocolate, making it the ultimate after-dinner treat.

Clementine yogurt cake

Our gluten free clementine cake is packed with festive flavours. Slice it up and watch everyone come running for a piece of this fruity and sweet deliciousness.

Jamaican ginger and caramel cake

Caramac drizzle creates a stunning drip finish to this impressive gluten free layer cake, perfect for a grown-up celebration.

Teff, banana and apricot tea loaf

This fruity earl grey tea loaf is a great way to use up overripe bananas. The hazelnut streusel topping adds a lovely crunchy texture – perfect with a cuppa!