Chocolate cake

  • serves 12

This is a very rich, fudgy chocolate cake baked in an interesting box shape. It has a delicious layer of icing made from melted chocolate, cream, butter and icing sugar layered into the cake and iced over the top.



  • self-raising flour 250g
  • unrefined soft brown sugar 250g
  • cocoa 50g
  • plain chocolate 250g
  • butter 250g
  • eggs 4
  • plain or milk chocolate 400g
  • single cream 284ml pot
  • butter 25g
  • icing sugar 100-200g
  • cocoa powder for dusting


  • Step 1

    Heat the oven to 160C/fan 140C/gas 3. Line a 20cm × 20cm square cake tin.

  • Step 2

    Mix the flour, sugar and cocoa together in a bowl. Melt the chocolate and butter together with 200ml water in a pan and then beat this along with the eggs into the dry mixture. Pour into the cake tin and bake for 1 hour or until a skewer comes out clean. It may crack a little on top but this will be covered by the icing. Cool.

  • Step 3

    To make the icing, melt the chocolate with the cream and butter until smooth and then cool to a spreadable consistency. Beat in enough icing sugar to make the icing opaque and stiff.

  • Step 4

    Slice the cake horizontally into 2 or 3 layers and spread some icing between each layer. Ice the outside of the cake in a thick even layer and smooth the icing down as much as possible, don’t worry about the top too much.

  • Step 5

    Dust with cocoa powder just before serving.

Nutritional Information

  • Carbs 83.5g
  • Protein 8.1g
  • Fat 42.8g
  • Salt 0.68g
  • Saturates 24.7g
  • Fibre 2.6g