Best ever squid recipes

Here are 15 best ever squid recipes that are guaranteed to impress at dinner parties, wow at barbecues, or even make an ink-credible meal for one

Herb and chilli calamari

Liven up crisp, golden squid rings with coriander, peanuts and chilli for an easy seafood starter.

Calamari Recipe For Squid Rings

Spanish rice-stuffed squid

Check out our squid recipe stuffed with Spanish rice. Impress guests with this easy yet low calorie fish recipe ready in an hour.

Stuffed Squid Recipe with Spanish Rice

Bibo’s tagliarini nero with squid, chilli, tomato and garlic

A modern Italian pasta dish from London’s Bibo restaurant. Giving a new idea for squid this recipe is sure to impress your friends

Slow braised squid with chorizo and lemon herb crumbs

An easy way to cook squid is long and slow. This is the best recipe for the casserole method, bake in a chorizo and tomato sauce until the squid is tender then serve topped with zesty lemon herb crumbs

pachamama’s squid anticuchos

Anticuchos are meat skewers eaten as a starter or snack in Peru. Peruvian restaurant Pachamama uses squid marinated in turmeric for a contemporary twist. A stylish dinner party starter

Salt and pepper squid

You’ve probably enjoyed this delicious fried squid dish in a restaurant, but actually it’s easy to prepare at home too. Squid has a fairly short season from the end of August to November, so when it is in season, this is a great simple Asian way of preparing it

Marinated raw squid and celery salad

Make something different for lunch and try this innovative recipe. Toasted fennel, caraway and coriander seeds are served on ribbons of raw squid and celery.

Buttermilk-fried squid and kimchi tacos

A new way with squid. Fried in crunchy breadcrumbs and served with lots of Korean spices, as well as kimchi, the traditional fermented vegetable side dish. Makes the best show-off dinner-party starter

Risotto stuffed squid with tomato, brandy and cream sauce

This recipe for risotto stuffed squid with tomato, brandy and cream sauce is an ingenious way to use up a pack of risotto rice or leftover brandy. You can make the base sauce and the risotto stuffing for this ahead

Barbecued squid with charred lemon and caper dressing

This recipe for barbecued squid with charred lemon and caper dressing is really quick and easy to make, but it tastes delicious and looks really impressive – perfect for entertaining. The simple charred lemon and caper dressing works really well with the fresh squid

Charred squid, tomatoes, ’nduja and basil

This recipe for charred squid, tomatoes, ‘nduja and basil comes from Bernardi’s in London. This makes a great starter but you can add potatoes to make it a main

Fideuà a la marinera

Paella’s everywhere in Valencia. Fideuà is another local dish made with leftovers thrown into pasta, instead of rice. The ingredients, notably seafood, can be varied, and the fish even replaced by just a superior fish stock

Seafood fry with miso butter, yuzu  hollandaise and kimchi mayo

This recipe is all about the condiments; miso butter, yuzu hollandaise and kimchi mayo. Take your pick

Fraq’s Lobster Shack’s calamari club

Fraq’s is the whitewashed Maine-inspired shack off Tottenham Court Road. It serves three rolls (including lobster, and hot prawn and avocado), but its flavour-packed calamari in a soft bun, for our money, trounces its more expensive cousins

Spicy squid with Japanese BBQ sauce

This recipe for spicy squid with Japanese BBQ sauce is a great new way to use squid and makes a great quick and easy starter for 2

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