Monkfish Recipe with Chorizo, Sherry Wine and Rice

Easy monkfish recipes

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Make the most of this meaty white fish in our recipes, from roast monkfish with chorizo to seafood rice and refreshing ceviche


Looking for monkfish recipes? Monkfish is prized for its firm, meaty texture. It’s great for roasting and can stand up to stronger flavours, although it’s just a great in a light and delicate monkfish ceviche

If it’s healthy fish recipes you’re in search of, we have plenty. 

When is monkfish in season?

UK celeriac season starts in August and ends in December.

Monkfish recipes



  • We use fresh monkfish in our recipes

Roast monkfish with chorizo, sherry and rice

Check out this super simple monkfish recipe for two, where the fish gets cooked in the flavoured oil of the chorizo. Ready in 40 minutes, this easy seafood dish is a wholesome, high protein midweek meal to enjoy all year through.

Monkfish Recipe with Chorizo, Sherry Wine and Rice


Ceviche is fresh, zesty and super low in calories. Monkfish stars in this version, alongside mackerel and scallops. With a light marinade, this is perfect for whetting appetites before a main course.

ceviche monkfish

Seafood rice

A great way to use monkfish, this impressive rice dish is packed with it, as well as gurnard and large whole prawns. Cook this easy all-in-one recipe for your next gathering. If it's easy rice recipes you're after, we have plenty more.

Seafood Rice Dish Recipe

Roast monkfish with buttered savoy cabbage, vermouth and clams