Wensleydale Cheese Scones Recipe

Best scone recipes

Who doesn't love scones? Britain's favourite teatime treat is easy to make. From simple fruit scones and cheese scones to American-style shortcakes, we've got plenty of inspiration for afternoon tea

Looking for the perfect scone recipe? Want to make cheese scones? Try our best recipes for sweet and savoury scones – plain and fruit-studded, small and large. Plus, we have some ideas to make American-style shortcakes that are more like scones than biscuits. 


Make your own strawberry jam to put on your scones then check out more afternoon tea recipes.

Easy scone recipes

Fruit scones

Making your own scones is so easy with this quick and simple recipe. Make a batch of our sultana scones to share with family and friends at the weekend. Jam first or cream? It’s up to you.

Cheese scones

Make John Torode’s Wensleydale cheese scones for a quick, savoury snack – they’ll become a crowd favourite in no time. You can easily replace the Wensleydale with cheddar, if you prefer.

Gluten free scones

With fruit or not, scones are a must-have on any afternoon tea spread. Make yours gluten free by using widely available gluten-free flour and xanthan gum.

Vegan scones

Scones are a classic teatime treat that no one should miss – that’s why we’ve created a vegan version. Take it further and serve with a plant-based spread or coconut whipping cream and jam.

Potato scones

If you’re leaning towards a savoury snack, have a go at making these Tattie scones, a classic Scottish comfort food. Take it to the next level and serve with crispy bacon and roasted tomatoes.

Cherry scones

Stud fluffy scones with glacé cherries for easy afternoon tea bakes that the whole family will love.

Cherry Scones Recipe

Cheddar and pecan scones

Whip up a batch of these nutty savoury scones for an easy weekend treat to serve friends and family.

Cheese Scone Recipe with Pecans

Blueberry scones

Ramp up your scones up by adding blueberries, crème fraîche and a zingy lemon glaze to the mix. Perfect for an afternoon snack with a cup of tea

Poppy seed scones

If you’re looking for ways to switch up your scone game, check out our exciting poppy seed scones with a desirable crunchy texture.

A batch of fresh scones with lemon curd on top

Wholemeal scones

Savoury scones make a great alternative to serve for an afternoon tea with some good cheese and chutney. These wholemeal ones are flavoured with sage and given extra texture from grated apple.

Strawberry shortcake

Split a crumbly, lemon-infused shortcake in two, sandwich together with cream, strawberries and jam. The British take on the American classic!

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Rock cakes

A great bake for beginners, rock cakes are a bit like scones – just more rustic-looking, and sprinkled with demerara sugar

Rock Cakes on a cooling tray with two mugs of coffee

Cheese and onion scone wedges

This savoury scone recipe is easy to make and ready in under an hour. Whether you’re expecting guests or want to treat a loved one, this spring onion scone with cheshire and mustard is perfect for entertaining and an easy sharer.

Cheese and Onion Scone Cake Recipe

Cheese and walnut scones

Our freezable cheese scones take just 30 minutes to bake and make a great emergency snack that cooks straight from frozen. The toasted walnuts give them a little extra crunch.

Walnut and roquefort scones

These walnut and roquefort scones combine a classic flavour combination of blue cheese and walnuts with one of our favourite tea time treats. Serve warm and slathered in melting butter.

Peanut butter scones

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic American flavour combination. This combined with an English classic to make peanut butter and jelly scones is sure to be a new favourite.

Blueberry shortcakes

In this take on the classic afternoon tea treat, we use American-style buttermilk shortcake which is a cousin of the scone. The filling is a simple blueberry compote and mascarpone cream.

Paprika and manchego scones

Manchego cheese and smoked paprika give these bite-sized scones a very grown-up twist. Serve them with your favourite meal or just simply have them on their own for a quick snack.

Rhubarb shortcakes

American shortcakes are more like scones than biscuits. Usually filled with strawberries and cream these pink rhubarb ones make for a great British twist.

Maple syrup and bacon scones

Scones for starters? Greg Marchand of Frenchie in Covent Garden gives us the secret to his light and fluffy scones infused with maple syrup and studded with smoked bacon.

Sweetcorn scones

These sweetcorn and jalapeño scones are really easy to make and ready in just 30 minutes. We love them slathered in butter as a snack, or on the side of a bowl of steaming soup.