Pistachio and Chocolate Ice Box Cake

Best ice cream cake and ice cream sandwich recipes

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Our showstopping ideas, from pistachio icebox cake to blackberry ripple ice cream sandwiches, prove that ice cream isn't just for cones


Looking for the best ice-cream cake? Want to make fun ice-cream sandwiches? Turn your homemade ice cream into one of these fun recipes for your next summer BBQ, picnic or birthday celebration.

Easy ice-cream cake recipes



  • We use shop-bought and homemade ice cream in these recipes

White chocolate and strawberry ice cream cake

Chocolate, ice cream and cake: three things we love in our puddings. Try this easy layer cake for a fun dessert.

Ice Cream Cake Recipe With White Chocolate and Strawberry

Pistachio and chocolate ice box cake

The icebox cake is a US staple – the biscuits become pleasantly softened by the ice cream and the whole thing holds together so you can cut it into wedges.

Chocolate Icebox Cake Recipe with Pistachio

Devil's food ice cream cake

Layers of fudgy chocolate brownie cake are sandwiched with ice cream, which you can mix and match using your favourite flavours. Make in advance and keep in the freezer, in a freezable container, for up to one month.

Devil’s food ice-cream cake

Blackberry ripple ice cream sandwiches

These irresistible ice cream sandwiches are surprisingly quick to make and the ice cream part requires no churning whatsoever!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe with Blackberry

Chocolate and salted caramel ice cream bombe

Why not make this impressive frozen chocolate and ice cream cake? Our easy chocolate bombe recipe uses chocolate Swiss roll cake and Maltesers for extra indulgence and crunch.

Ice Cream Chocolate Bomb Recipe With Salted Caramel

Strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches

These ice cream sandwiches are an easy but impressive summer treat. If you're planning on making these a day or so ahead, just dunk the sides of the sandwiches into the freeze-dried strawberries before serving.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

Toffee ice cream sandwiches

This easy homemade version of the classic chocolate-dipped ice cream sandwich uses only three ingredients – ginger biscuits, toffee ice cream and melted chocolate.

Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Boozy tiramisu bombe

Everyone loves a boozy, coffee-flavoured Italian tiramisu and this is a great easy version, made with shop-bought sponge cake and shaped like an ice cream bombe.

Boozy Tiramisu Ice Cream Bombe Recipe