What is Madeira?

Madeira is another fortified wine, made on the Portuguese island of the same name. Transported to the Americas and beyond in the 18th century, the barrels of wine were exposed to the high temperatures of the tropics, and partly evaporated through the pores of the oak staves. Made in styles ranging from super-sweet to bone-dry, madeira has an incredible complexity, and a characteristic dazzling acidity that makes it a favourite among so many wine lovers. Sercial is the grape that makes the driest style, followed by verdelho, boal and malvasia (the sweetest).

Where to buy Madeira

Blandy’s 10-year-old Verdelho Madeira, £22.25, The Whisky Exchange

A dark black bottle of madeira

Madeira recipes

Roast goose with madeira gravy

Roast goose makes a great alternative to turkey and is delicious with madeira gravy. It's also easier than you might think.

Roast Goose With Madeira Gravy Recipe


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