Pain au choc bread and butter pudding

Best ever chocolate recipes

Our 28 best ever chocolate recipes are a chocoholic's dream. Check out our deliciously chocolatey, seriously indulgent chocolate puddings, cakes and bakes

Our 28 best easy chocolate recipes are a chocoholic’s dream, whether you’re looking for chocolate cake recipes, chocolate cookie recipes, or even chocolate bagels and chocolate cheesecakes. Make Great British Bake Off winner, Edd Kimber’s, indulgent chocolate recipes, including salted milk-chocolate covered liquorice caramels, or his epic Brooklyn blackout cake.


Want a chocolatey brunch twist? Try our pain-au-chocolat bread and butter pudding, Spanish-style chocolate with churros, or our unique marbled Nutella bagels. Read on for indulgent chocolate puddings, intense chocolate truffles and delicate chocolate biscuits…

Brooklyn blackout cake

Edd Kimber has put his own twist on this American classic by flavouring the custard filling with white chocolate and cardamom and, to keep the original’s chocolate flavour intact and the look of the cake the same, decorating the outside with a silky-smooth chocolate frosting. Click here to find our show-stopping chocolate cake recipes.

Brooklyn Black Out V2

Chocolate rye volcano cookies

This recipe from Edd Kimber makes some seriously good chocolate cookies. We call them volcanoes because as they bake, they erupt and spread into fabulous, fudgy cookies.

Volcano Cookies

Nutella pancakes with boozy hot chocolate sauce

These light and fluffy Nutella pancakes are simply delicious and come drizzled in a smooth and creamy hot chocolate sauce. Adding booze to the sauce is optional but highly recommended for an extra treat! Includes a nifty how-to video. Click here for our best ever pancake recipes.

nutella pancakes

Salted milk chocolate-covered liquorice caramels

This clever recipe from Edd Kimber combines caramel with subtle hints of liquorice, covered in milk chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt for a really indulgent treat. Be warned, these delicious caramels won’t last long!


 Chocolate truffles

Our tempting chocolate truffles look impressive but are deceptively easy to make. Try adding Baileys, dark rum or orange essence to make them even more special. They make for a great homemade gift.

 Churros with hot chocolate sauce

Everyone loves Spanish churros and they won’t be able to believe these are homemade! The rich, indulgent hot chocolate sauce is also delicious over ice cream. Fancy a more traditional brunch? Try one of our top brunch recipes here.

Whiskey and rye waffles

This waffle recipe from Edd Kimber is a little more fun than the traditional kind of waffles. Made with cocoa and rye flour and served with a whiskey-spiked caramel, these are definitely the more grown-up cousin to the classic. Take a look at our best ever boozy cakes and bakes collection for more ideas.


Black forest cheesecake

This dark, indulgent chocolate cheesecake swirled with raspberries is a great showstopper for any occasion. Making the chocolate collar is really worth the effort for an extra special touch. Satisfy your cheesecake craving here with plenty of cheesecake recipes.

Chocolate espresso and hazelnut roulade

This chocolate, espresso and hazelnut roulade is everything you could want in a grown-up dessert. These flavours are classic combinations and while it may take a little more effort, it’s guaranteed to be a show-stopper.

Chocolate-dipped meringues with cherries and boozy cream

Check out these chocolate-dipped meringues with cherries and boozy cream. This recipe is really simple and incredibly moreish, a great summer dessert.

Choc-Dipped Meringues with Cherries

Black forest profiteroles

With chocolate, double cream, black cherries and a splash of brandy, make and freeze these black forest cake inspired choux buns ahead of time to create a delicious, sophisticated dessert in minutes. Discover more indulgent dessert recipes here.

Black Forest Profiteroles

Chocolate and salted pistachio babka buns

Edd Kimber has crossed the flavours of a babka with the look of Swedish cinnamon buns to create these chocolate and salted pistachio babka buns. You can make these with regular pistachios, but if you want to push them a little further it’s worth tracking down vibrant green blanched slivered pistachios from Middle-Eastern grocers.

Babka Buns

Tahini bundt

This recipe from Edd Kimber combines chocolate, tahini and sesame brittle for a really indulgent cake. If you’re not sure how this will taste, think peanut butter and chocolate but with more depth.

Choc and Tahini Bundt

Pear and chocolate puddings

The best chocolate puddings are the ones that you don’t have to share. We love these individual little pots of chocolate sponge and pear. Just add cream to serve and let your family and friends dive in. Our best chocolate pudding recipes are all here, enjoy!

Chocolate fondant fancies 

Not just for children, here’s a deliciously adult version of a tea-time favourite. Rich chocolate cake squares are topped with an indulgent truffle and smothered in double chocolate icing.

Chocolate fondant with crème fraîche sorbet

Blow your friends away with this chocolate fondant recipe served with a creamy crème fraîche sorbet. It takes a bit of effort but is totally worth it. Extremely indulgent, decadent and gooey all at the same time. Recipe by Paul Hood, head chef at Hai Cenato, Jason Atherton’s latest restaurant. 

chocolate fondant with creme fraiche sorbet

Cobnut and chocolate shortbreads

Chocolate shortbreads, our favourite biscuit already, but add cobnuts (part of the hazelnut family) and your teatime treat just got a whole lot better. Here are plenty more easy biscuit recipes to try.

Chocolate mousse with orange shortbreads

Make these ahead and you won’t be fussing just before you serve dinner. This makes enough for 4, so save 2 for later – they will keep for a couple of days. Buy the shortbreads if you prefer.

Chilli and chocolate tart with peanut chipotle brittle

A rich, fruity dark chocolate like those from Papua New Guinea will go very well with the chilli. The chilli flavour in this should be an underlying buzz rather than a real kick of heat, so don’t be tempted to add too much.

Triple-chocolate Neapolitan

This triple-chocolate treat takes indulgence to a whole new level. Our recipe requires a little effort, but the results will definitely be worth it.

Classic chocolate brownies

A classic, gooey chocolate brownie recipe that can be ramped up with added ingredients (we’ve included three suggestions in the recipe). This recipe uses a square tin, but you can use an oblong or even round cake tin provided it is roughly the same size – just keep an eye on the brownie, you may need slightly less or more time than the recipe states. Here are our best ever brownies recipes in one convenient collection.

Classic Chocolate Brownies recipe

Chocolate éclairs

Take your chocolate éclairs to the next level with step-by-step help from the olive test kitchen. Craquelin is similar to a crumble mix, and when baked on top of the choux buns, gives a crackly, crisp top, typical in classic patisserie.

Self-saucing chocolate pudding

Self-saucing chocolate pudding is a classic in Australia. It creates its own sauce below the sponge in the base of the dish. Make it up in advance, then sprinkle sugar and cocoa on top and pour over some boiling water and cook while you eat your starter and main over the festive period. We have 5 more magical self-saucing pudding recipes here.

Chocolate and burnt butterscotch layer cake

Our deliciously indulgent, grown-up chocolate and burnt butterscotch cake looks really impressive and is definitely worth the effort. We are a big fans of layer cakes, so here are our recipes to try.

Pain au choc bread and butter pudding

Chocolate overload! This is a real show-stopping dessert but it’s incredibly easy to make. You can make this indulgent pud with croissants, but then you’d miss out on that extra chocolate hit.

Pain au choc bread and butter pudding

Chocolate fondant

An easy recipe to make this favourite melt-in-the-middle chocolate dessert. Still a winner on dinner-party menus. Serve with a little cream on the side.

Easiest ever chocolate fudge cake

Super easy and quick to make, this gooey number is perfect for when you need to bake a last-minute treat for a special occasion.

Marbled Nutella bagels

Follow the hot new trend of rainbow and marbled bagels at home with this recipe for marbled Nutella bagels. Make a batch and freeze them for a treat.


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