• additional Kenwood attachment tools available, hard-wearing and stylish, available in a good range of colours


  • shiny casing can show up fingerprints, bread dough wrapped around hook, heavy

Kenwood kMix summary

The kMix stand mixer is more affordable than most, but Kenwood have not scrimped on the design. It’s equipped with a generously-sized balloon whisk, dough hook and iconic K-beater, all made from ultra-sturdy stainless steel.


The boxy frame of the kMix is reminiscent of Kenwood’s original 1950s design, with a few modern upgrades. This model is available in a range of different colours, so you can be confident of finding one that suits your kitchen. Plus, the kMix is compatible with Kenwood’s expansive list of attachments.

How easy is the Kenwood kMix to use?

Weighing in at just over 11kg, this is not a stand mixer you want to be lugging out of the cupboard too often. Thankfully, it’s attractive enough to deserve pride of place on the kitchen counter.

The pared-back mechanics of this model means there’s very little to get to grips with. The speed dial is intuitive, and the tilt-head release button is found just underneath the head – where one would expect it to be. The controls are chunky and clearly built to last.

There are just six speeds to play with on the kMix, plus a ‘fold’ setting to get mixes started. We were a little perturbed by how few speeds there are, but we were quickly reassured when the 1000-watt motor powered through the tests.

Like many stand mixers on the market, the kMix features a planetary action rotator, but this feature really came into its own on this model. At no point during the testing did we have to interfere with the mixtures as the planetary rotation confidently incorporated every ingredient into the 5-litre bowl.


The generously-sized balloon whisk took our egg whites to stiff peaks in no time at all. The gap between the tilt head and the bowl offered enough space for us to tip in heaped spoonfuls of sugar without sending it flying or having it collect around the sides of the bowl.

The kMix beater hugged the sides of the bowl on the cake test, bringing every last drop of batter together and keeping the sides clean. The addition of the handle on the bowl made pouring the batter into the cake tins a breeze. After baking, the cakes were well-risen and moist.

On the bread test we did notice the dough began to wrap itself around the hook, rather than being kneaded, but we managed to rectify this with some increasing and decreasing of the speed to loosen the dough.

olive’s take: should you buy the Kenwood kMix?

Kenwood stand mixers pack a punch. Their high wattage means they work through low-hydration doughs and speedy whisking tasks with absolute ease.

Where some Kenwood stand mixers can cost up to £1000, you could be easily fooled into thinking the kMix will offer sub-par performance. This is simply not the case. This is a humbly designed stand mixer that gets all the basics done well.

Kenwood kMix specifications

Wattage: 1500W
Product weight: 11.6kg
Size (cm): H 35.5 X W 29.5 X D 38.5
Speed settings: 6 plus fold
Capacity of bowl(s): 7L and 3.5L
Attachments included: K beater, balloon whisk, dough hook, splash guard

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