Flatbread pizza with prosciutto and gorgonzola

  • serves 4
  • Easy

Put the delivery leaflet down. This crisp flatbread is a great, much more healthy alternative to deep-pan delivery pizza. Topped with fresh ingredients, the prosciutto and gorgonzola give plenty of flavour and punch.



  • plum tomatoes 2, roughly diced
  • extra-virgin olive oil 1 tbsp
  • garlic 1 clove, crushed
  • Mediterranean or Arabic flatbreads 2
  • mozzarella 85g, sliced
  • gorgonzola 50g, cut into chunks
  • prosciutto 4 slices, torn in half
  • rocket a handful


  • Step 1

    Heat oven to 220c/fan 200c/gas 7. Mix the tomato with the oil and garlic. Season. Set aside to marinate. Put the flatbreads on 2 baking sheets and top with both cheeses. Bake until the cheese has melted. Top with the prosciutto, rocket and marinated tomatoes and serve.