Baked trout in paper

  • serves 2
  • Easy

Baking a trout fillet in a paper parcel with aromatic fennel and white wine seals in all of the cooking juices. Serve as a simple, easy, healthy afterwork dinner for two with some steamed buttered potatoes or crusty bread.



  • lemon 1, ½ sliced and the rest cut in half
  • trout 1, gutted and scaled
  • fennel 1 bulb, finely sliced
  • shallots 2, sliced
  • white wine or Vermouth a splash
  • olive oil
  • parsley ½ pack, finely chopped
  • steamed potatoes to serve


  • Step 1

    Heat the oven to 200c/fan 180c/gas 6. Stuff the lemon slices into the trout. Scatter the fennel in the centre of a large piece of baking paper or foil and lay the trout on top.

  • Step 2

    Sprinkle with the shallots and wine or vermouth, add a drizzle of oil and fold into a parcel. Put on a baking sheet and cook for 25 minutes. Open the parcel and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with steamed potatoes.

Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 200
  • Carbs 3g
  • Protein 28.4g
  • Fat 8.1g
  • Salt 0.23g
  • Saturates 1.6g
  • Fibre 1.8g