Bronze Adonis Recipe

Bronze Adonis

  • makes 1
  • Easy

If you love sherry, you'll love this quick cocktail. With both fino and manzanilla sherry, and a shot of vermouth, it gives a new twist to classic ingredients.


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  • vermouth 40ml
  • fino sherry 40ml
  • manzanilla sherry 10ml
  • orange bitters , a few drops
  • lemon peel


  • Step 1

    Fill a pint glass with cubed ice and pour on 40ml vermouth, 40ml fino sherry, 10ml of manzanilla sherry (or 50ml of fino on its own), and a few drops of orange bitters. Stir with a bar spoon until cold, then strain into a chilled coupette. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 112
  • Carbs 2.1g
  • Protein 0.2g
  • Salt 0.02g