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This simple app can help you meet – and maintain – your target weight

Whatever you’re cooking, you can trust Nutracheck to help you monitor your calorie and nutrient intake

Looking to boost your health, re-energise and start good habits in 2023? Nutracheck is a trusted calorie and nutrient tracking app that enables you to monitor the food and drink you consume on your smartphone or tablet, which is an effective way to help you achieve a healthy weight – and stick to it.

The app also helps you keep an eye on seven key nutrients, so whether you want to ensure you’re not having too much salt in your diet or you’d like to up your fibre intake, you can trust the app to keep you informed about what you’re consuming. Be it sugar or saturated fat, Nutracheck can track both – and more – with its UK food database maintained by an expert team. What’s more, it takes less than10 minutes a day to log your food and drink intake.

Whether you’ve ever wondered how much sugar there is in a tomato, which kind of bread has the most fibre, or if pasta or rice has more carbohydrates, Nutracheck has the answers.

If you’re eating out, recent changes to restaurant menus have made it easier to keep an eye on the calories, but at home, it’s harder to quantify that extra sprinkle of mature cheddar on your lasagne or dollop of cream on a sticky toffee pudding. Or at least it was, before Nutracheck.

So, whether you’re aiming to lose weight, improve your diet or eat for fitness, why not give Nutracheck a try?

Download the Nutracheck app today and start your FREE 7-day trial.

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Read on to discover how Karen used the app to reach her goals, and how it can help you too…

Meet Karen

Nutracheck weight loss: 7st 7lbs

Like many of us, Karen found herself putting on weight in lockdown. “I’ve had an issue with my weight since my late twenties, but it increased in my forties. I saw a picture of myself and was shocked at how much weight I was carrying.”

Karen joined forces with her daughter and goddaughter and set about her weight loss journey by recording her food intake on the Nutracheck app.

“I started in July 2020 weighing 17st 7lbs – I now weigh 10st,” she says. “I love my food, but I eat what I want.”

Karen, on her weight loss journey, “Tracking my calories has been life changing – I have my sparkle back!”

Since losing the weight, Karen has become an avid walker and says she feels amazing. “I have my sparkle back,” she reveals. “I love tracking my calories and I can honestly say it has been life changing and relatively easy.”

“Each stone off was great but reaching the 5 stone weight loss and celebrating with my family was a real milestone.”

5 reasons why Nutracheck can help you reach – and maintain – your goals

1. You have the power

Nutracheck empowers you to make better food choices to achieve your personal weight goal.

2. You’re not alone

You can join loads of like-minded members in the Nutracheck forums and share your challenges and successes. There’s a helpful community on hand to assist and support you seven days a week, 365 days a year.

3. You don’t need anything else

It’s an all-in-one app to help you reach your weight goal. It has a UK food database of 350,000 foods, plus it features a barcode scanner to make searching easy.

4. You can trust Nutracheck

Nutracheck’s App Store rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars – making it the top-rated calorie tracking app – so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

5. You can try it for free

Simply visit your app store and download the Nutracheck app to start your FREE 7-day trial.

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Download the Nutracheck app today and start your FREE 7-day trial

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For questions about Nutracheck, you can email seven days a week or call 0115 969 4660 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-6pm, excluding bank holidays).

Always consult your GP before embarking on any kind of weight loss or nutritional programme.

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