A huge pan full of roast chicken thighs and rice with side dishes all around it

Best Burmese recipes

Create a Burmese-inspired feast at home with some of our favourite recipes, from The Rangoon Sisters' pork wontons to MiMi Aye's Burmese chicken pilaf

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Make a spread of spiced snacks with The Rangoon Sisters (half Burmese sisters Emily and Amy Chung)’s Burmese fried chicken and pork wontons with a twist. Then take time to prepare Burmese supper club host MiMi Aye’s showstopping danbauk, typically served on special occasions in Burma, or try Darina Allen’s pork and potato curry. 

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Best Burmese recipes

Burmese fried chicken (kyet thar kyaw)

The Rangoon Sisters (half Burmese sisters Emily and Amy Chung) have been wowing their supper club diners with Burmese-inspired dishes since 2013 – here they share their take on a popular street food from Burma. Burmese fried chicken is seasoned with chilli and turmeric, and traditionally served on the bone without a batter. In 2015, Yangon saw the arrival of the first branch of the big international fried chicken joint we all know and love, to huge queues. The sour dipping sauce (achin yay) packs a punch and goes particularly well with fried snacks. If you can’t get hold of tamarind pulp, you can substitute it with a teaspoon of ready-made tamarind paste mixed with 100ml of hot water.

Kyet thar kyaw (Burmese fried chicken)

Burmese crispy pork wontons

Crunchy and hot with a sweet and tangy sauce, these crispy wontons were always a part of the festive season at Emily and Amy Chung’s Chinese-Burmese childhood home. The Rangoon Sisters have added a Burmese-inspired twist to the filling and the sauce, to pay homage to both parents (their mum being from Myanmar).

Crispy pork wontons on a table with chopsticks and a bowl of dipping sauce

Burmese chicken pilaf (danbauk)

A fragrant chicken pilaf, danbauk is served at countless celebrations in Burma. This recipe comes from MiMi Aye, a chef, author and host of the Burmese Food & Beyond supperclub. Full of sweet and warming spices, danbauk is often referred to as a Burmese biryani, but it owes more to Persian cuisine and, in fact, the name is derived from the Persian culinary term ‘dum pukht’. All cooked in one huge pot, it is served with great aplomb at the table, with a feast of crispy fish relish (floss), Burmese-style coleslaw, and refreshing sour soup on the side, all of which balance the buttery richness of the rice. Drinks are generally not served during a Burmese meal – instead, liquid refreshment comes as a broth or soup.

A huge pan full of roast chicken thighs and rice with side dishes all around it

Burmese-style pork and potato curry

Treat your friends and family and cook this punchy Burmese curry recipe from food writer and chef Darina Allen, with tender pork belly and soft waxy potatoes. This easy dish may take a bit of time but it will be well worth the wait.

Burmese Pork Curry Recipe with Potato

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Rangoon Sisters plus their yellow cookbook